Friday, 9 March 2012

paris fashion week – the train to louvre & more

Can someone please call Marc Jacobs and ask him where I can get the schedule and buy tickets for that fabulous Louis Vuitton train to Louvre? The bags are included in the price, right, and the porter too?

These Louis Vuitton bags ... sigh!

At the Paris Fashion Week last Wednesday Marc Jacobs showed his AW12-13 collection for Louis Vuitton. It was the show that stole my heart this fashion weeks season, I love it when people put on a good show, I'm all for the theatricals and fun. When I saw that clock and the arrival of the train he had my undivided attention. Then the models stepped off the train in gorgeous jackets and coats and cardigans and other beautiful outfits, some resembling the ones from his debated Marc Jacobs show at the NYFW, which I talked about here. This time the styling was proper, if we can use that word, and the porters carried the bags. Did I already mention the gorgeous bags? The above photos were taken by The Sartorialist and you'll find some more on his website. The ones below are close-ups from

Here is a video of the show. It's so cool when the train arrives, I dare you to watch just the beginning if you're not interested in the clothes.

I think some people take fashion way too seriously. When I'm collecting material for these Fashion Friday posts I like viewing websites that I don't visit on a daily basis and I especially like reading people's reactions – it can be a better entertainment than a great novel, trust me. I couldn't help chuckling just a bit when I read the angry comments about Marc Jacobs stealing John Galliano's train idea, as if Galliano had the exclusive rights to use trains in fashion shows. For some people this seems to be a very serious issue and I'm wondering if some of them will ever be able to sleep again.

Let's move on, shall we.

Sonia Rykiel AW12-13
I have to admit that this Sonia Rykiel collection by April Crichton and Nathalie Rykiel was not my favourite from the fashion house but these two beautiful blouses/shirts caught my attention and would be more than welcome in my wardrobe.

Elie Saab AW12-13
This morning I've been prolonging the publishing of this post as I was hoping that better photos from the Elie Saab AW12-13 show would appear online. There really are beautiful pieces in this collection and I find that the photos available don't do them justice. Therefore I'm including the video only. Please note model Karlie Kloss on the runway, she could kill someone with that awesome look. I can picture her as a future Bond girl, I bet she would be the first to defeat Bond himself just by staring at him!

Chanel AW12-13
I haven't quite decided what I thought about what Karl Lagerfeld presented on Tuesday but I found myself liking some of the trousers. I think this is a Chanel AW collection that maybe will somehow grow on me ... or not.

Paris Fashion Week street style
Here are a few Phil Oh photos from and I urge you to watch the slide show for more.

Finally, here are some fashion links that deserve to be noticed:

•  Stefano Pilati said goodbye to Yves Saint Laurent at the PFW
  Chloé AW12-13 at the PFW was a beautiful show
  Garance Doré has made another Pardon My French video, this one on fashion and technology
  Florina of Fashionsensitive's gorgeous piece on the art of shoemaking
  Ada of Classiq's beautiful Haider Ackermann AW12-13 post

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
1-3: Scott Schuman - The Sartorialist at Louis Vuitton
4-11: Yannis Vlamos for Vogue US
12-13: Yannis Vlamos for Vogue US
14-15: Monica Feudi for Vogue US
16-18: Phil Oh for Vogue US

YouTube: Louis Vuitton RTW AW12-13
YouTube: Elie Saab RTW AW12-13


  1. Marc Jacobs: I'll give him that: he knows how to create a show. All I can say about the clothes is that, yes, some designs resemble the ones from his own line (it's something he's done in the past too).
    I liked the Elie Saab collection and I hate that I never find high resolution photos of his collections online (he is too true to his style to be added on the sites of the likes of

    Love the street style looks you chose and thank you so much for the mention. :) Have a beautiful day, Lisa!

  2. The last week was crazy at work and I didn't have much time to follow all the shows so your post is a great way to have a snapshot of the highlights! On Marc Jacobs, I agree with you that certain speculations too often diverge the attention to what should be the focus of the attention: the creations! I was not convinced by his collections, but again I express my opinion based on personal taste that prefers towards more minimalist styles. The Phil Oh portfolio is so beautiful: streetstyle has become a parallel catwalk...

  3. Oh the genius that is Marc jacobs! He just gets all the little details right and his shows are always a spectacle. I'm loving the hats and the bags.
    Happy weekend Lisa!
    rolala loves

  4. I saw some tweets from people live tweeting the show and I loved the train - so magical and glam!

  5. Loved the train, and the bags are gorgeous. Loving the coat in the second photo too! Wonderful post, Lisa! xxoo

  6. Love, love the Louis bags; who couldn't?... I will take one of each!! And, I think the Sonia Rykiel pale pink blouse is so feminine and pretty. I'm in agreement with you, unsure about the Chanel collection...a bit too drab, don't think it will grow on me. Fun post!

    Have an incredible weekend!


  7. I thought the train arriving, the porters carrying the bags, the theatrical music was absolutely brilliant! LOVE love love. That can't be overdone. Beautiful coats.
    I'm not a fan of the Chanel collection, not at all actually. The streetstyle photo's from Phil Oh are fabulous. Olga looks like a Russian princess from a fairytale, I once had Christmas cards with women wearing the same shaped coats.

    Hope you're going to have a great weekend!

  8. I'll take a ticket too, please! I was mesmerized by that show. I felt like I was stepping back in time. I cannot get over the bags.

    Elie Saab was fabulous too. It's too bad about the photos but at least we get to see the collection in motion.

    And I had the same feelings about Chanel. I think it will grow on me but my intial reaction wasn't a wow.

    As always, another fabulous Fashion Friday post!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! :) xoxo

  9. Love your round up Lisa; I'm now looking forward you your beautiful Friday Fashion posts! I loved the Marc Jacobs show -the theatrics were incredible, as were the clothes. How fun is Garance's latest video, she is hilarious and I love most that she doesn't take her self too seriously. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa xx

  10. Oh totally love the whole yesteryear glamour of LV! Amazing, I want a ticket too thanks.

    Too funny about Karlie, I agree, fab Bond girl!

    ps pleased you are enjoying the series.

  11. I agree with you about the theatrics and staging, Lisa. In this case, the train with the luggage makes sense and is entertaining aside from the fashion. But yes, it doesn't have to be sooo serious!

    Have a great weekend. xo – g

  12. Lisa, I was truly impressed by LV, it was not one of my favorite brand until this show!It is amazing how just one show can change the preference list! And those bags were "killing" me, I also posted about the green one! Ellie Saab is one of the best designers when it comes to gowns, so I have a dream: one day to buy one of his spring 2011 red gowns. Chanel was a disappointment for me...Have a wonderful start of the week!

    PS: I was so pleased and happy that you liked my post so much that you decided to mention it on your blog, Lisa!