Sunday, 4 March 2012

peonies & entertainment

How are you doing on this lovely Sunday? I've been enjoying good coffee and photos of pink peonies online. Yes, it's very easy to get lost in those. I came across the beautiful photography of Elena Kovyrzina on Flickr and I simply had to share this photo with you. She also has a shop on Etsy, pretty light.

Yesterday's trip to the library was fruitful. I didn't get Julia Child's book but I got plenty of books and DVDs. I enjoyed delicious sushi for dinner and after that I watched the second season of Cranford, Return to Cranford (2009), so it was a perfect evening. Tonight I plan to watch Ladies in Lavender (2004), starring Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. Have you seen it?

Finally, I want to thank Eleni of My Paradissi for a blog award she gave to LatteLisa and other blogs yesterday. I know I never forward them but I do appreciate the kind gesture.

Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. sooooooooooooooooooo wonderful and lovely... have a nice sunday..
    many hugs Susi

  2. Beautiful flowers, I love peonies!
    Wish you a wonderful sunday,

  3. I have tulips and freesias in my home, but I can't wait for peonies time. Enjoy the movie tonight! xo
    PS: it's been a lovely Sunday, a perfect day for taking pictures in the park if you know what I mean ;)

  4. Oh I must get that Ladies in Lavender, maybe my library has it. Aren't libraries wonderful?

    I have a stack of library books to get to, it will be a nicely quiet day for me!

  5. Having such a lovely Sunday, thank you! Just about to head to the pub for dinner with my brother! :)

  6. you have a great blog!
    check my blog, I have a giveaway!

  7. Hello! Yes I love a Sunday...I sit and write this early Monday morning, really should be getting the kids up, but my tea and blog reading are frankly more appealing. Those peonies really are a feat of nature aren't they? So rarely do I see the anywhere to buy. But I do love them too...Lou x

  8. Judi Dench AND Maggie Smith? I have to watch this film!
    Your weekend sounds so lovely ( except from that sushi I'm afraid... )

    enjoy your week Lisa!

  9. Oh, yes! Peonies, the loveliest smell in the world, I could say and on light pink, beautiful! I just love that I can find so many interesting details about movies on your blog, Lisa :)

  10. So pretty. Peonies are my favorite :-)

    XOXO Camille @ The Wild Fleur


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