Monday, 2 April 2012

luxembourg: adolphe bridge

I had promised you photos from Luxembourg and here are a few from the heart of Luxembourg City: the Adolphe Bridge and its beautiful surroundings. This arch bridge was designed by Paul Séjourné, a Frenchman, and Paul Rodange, a Luxembourger. The construction of it started in 1900 and it opened on 24 July 1903.

From the north end of the bridge (153 m/502 ft long) we zigzagged down the path into the valley. When you are in the valley and look up the architecture of the bridge is simply fascinating, and it makes you look really tiny. Rue de la Semois is the name of the street that goes under the bridge (the link takes you do a Google map so you can view the area). The photo below is taken from the north end into the Avenue de la Liberté, which leads to the train station.

I'll post photos from other parts of the city later. How was your weekend? I read, watched films, ate sushi, and yesterday I went for a walk in the Nightingale Park. Our drive on Saturday became a long one because we went to Luxembourg again. This time we mainly kept near with vineyards of the Mosel Valley, in the canton of Remich in the south-east part.

On our way back home we visited the old city of Arlon in south of Belgium. We had never been there before, only seen it from the highway, and it breaks my heart to say it that I wasn't impressed at all. Do you know the feeling when you enter a city and you just want to clean it with soap? That was how I felt. Maybe the stark contrast to clean Luxembourg is to blame. Maybe the economy is simply bad, but to me it seemed that the houses were in need of renovation.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Oh wow, the architecture of the bridge is stunning! I love your beautiful shots + the sky looks so clear + blue! xx

  2. Beautiful architecture and great shots, Lisa. Have a beautiful day! xo

  3. What a beautiful bridge - hope you will have a nice easter ,o)

  4. thank you. I've been to Luxembourg ages ago and didn't remember much of it. but your pics brought back good memories...

  5. These photos are stunning! I hope to get there one day. J & I were just discussing last night how we'd like to visit Antwerp & Luxembourg in the near future. Your photos make me want to do so even more!

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Sushi always makes my days even better. :) xoxo

  6. The arch of the bridge is simply beautiful. Great snaps, Lisa! My weekend was fun, thank you! :)

  7. What a very beautiful bridge!

  8. That first photo of Adolphe Bridge is gorgeous.. (great camera-work!)... you could just blow it up and frame it! Such a lovely bit of countryside. We had a quiet weekend with a sick child to look after but homemade chicken soup did help for everyone!... xx

  9. Aren't these amazing photos. Absolutely gorgeous. that bridge is so amazing.

  10. Hi Lisa,

    These pictures are amazing! Luxembourg looks like a beatiful place. The landscape around the brige is making me wish I was there right now. Thanks for sharing with us : )

    Danielle xo

  11. Lovely pictures Lisa, how lucky you are to live so near such beautiful places.
    Have a happy week:)
    Wendy x

  12. Beautiful photos! Almost as good as being there! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


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