Thursday, 19 April 2012

baby it's cloudy outside

These images describe my mood perfectly. It's not that cold outside but definitely cloudy. I'm burning a rose scented candle but I think I should visit the local florist further down the street and buy the real thing. The idea of pink roses in a vase sounds wonderful.

This morning I've been searching for Greek recipes online. Yesterday, Hubby made gyros for dinner and for a moment it felt as if no one in this house had ever eaten food before. I know there are some LatteLisa followers in Greece and a few of Greek origin so I'm wondering if you guys can give me the name of a good cookbook in English. I'm not looking for a book that is just pretending to be about Greek cuisine, I want a solid one with everything I need to know. And yes, it has to include photos.

photo credit:
1: Jenni Yang of Ponnijenni |
2: Jamie Beck for Rue, issue three, p. 182-3


  1. Now I'm craving gyros. Lisa, please set the table for one more person next time you make gyros. I ate this every day during my week in Greece several years ago. Yummy! Could I hope for a recipe on 'kitchen & aroma'? xo

  2. Pink roses are lovely aren't they. I'd be interested to find out a good greek cookbook too if you find one. You do know the best recipes are those handed down from generation to generation... even then they never taste the same! I did have a couple of greek cooking sites that I visited in the past - I'll have to find them for you. Thanks for your message x:)

  3. Pink roses for home sounds wonderful...and this bed is simply gorgeous. It has that boheme chic style that I adore. No idea about Greek recipes...
    Here it's raining so enjoy your cloudy day. Lucky you!

  4. Your description suits my mood also...much cooler and rainy here. Spring, please return!!



  5. Hehe, we have gyros here as the englishmen have fish and chips and the americans the mac donalds!
    I'm afraid I haven't read any english text greek cookbooks but I guess the Greek Cuisine and the Vefa's Kitchen, both by Vefa Alexiadou may be good (this lady is a famous TV and book chef persona in Greece). Also you can check Rena tis Ftelias: Famous Greek Recipes by Irene Tojia if you can find it.
    You can also visit this site for some extras!
    Good luck with your cooking, sweetie, and upload a photo for us to drool over ;)

  6. Helen: You're right about the 'handed down from generation to generation'. You guys have to collect this wisdom and publish a cookbook! ;-)

    Eleni: Thanks, I'll check these out a.s.a.p. I promise a photo, not tomorrow and not next week, but one day ;-)

  7. This bedroom should be mine!!!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Flowers always brighten my days - I have some colorful rose bushes in my backyard that I pick and put throughout the house! xxoo

  9. Outside of my Yia Yia's recipes, which are my favorites :), I'd have to recommend a few of Vefa Alexiadou's books, Greek Cuisine & Vefa's Kitchen. Also check out Kokkari by Sara Remington & Erik Cosselmon. I also have a great Meze book but I don't remember the author's name right now. Will look when I get home :) xoxo

  10. I don't know much about Greek cooking but I know that when I eat it that I really enjoy it! I have this Greek cookbook that I love:

  11. these images are so beautiful....
    so happy I found your blog :)


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