Tuesday, 24 April 2012

photos + daydreams

What is it with roses or peonies in buckets that almost makes my heart stop beating for just a second? I cannot get enough of such photos. Speaking of photos. That top photo is by LizRusby who has a beautiful Flickr account (think Paris and flowers). I discovered her only this morning and realised that I had seen some of her work online without being credited. That girl deserves a credit!

How is life treating you these days? I'm busy but finding time to daydream while enjoying my latte. The daydreaming is mainly about travels. Some time ago I told you that I was reading about Spain and lately I've been longing to visit Andalucia. It seems like all my blog friends have been there and they're just killing me with photos. Igor of Happy Interior Blog has been there and Franka of ... meine Dinge ... spent her Easter holiday there. One day it'll be my turn!

photo credit:
1: liz.rusby on Flickr via Encore! Life/Tumblr
2: Kevin Wu on Moto-Mucci via Pinterest
3: Café Constant via Pinterest


  1. I am also going to Andalucia in June, can't wait to visit the Moors palaces from Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. Those lovely photos of roses or peonies are also a wonder for me, I'm pinning right behind you, Lisa ;) Have a wonderful daydreaming!

  2. Oh Lisa, thank you for linking to my Andalucia post:-) I really loved it there - it is very inspiring from an architecture perspective not to mention the great landscape! As for travels, they are always on my mind as you know by now:-)

  3. Yes, here work is amazing!! I think this happens a lot and I too can be guilty of it. Sometimes it is just impossible to track the original source of a photo. Love all of these. GORGEOUS!! xo

  4. These photos of so beautiful, just the kind of eye candy I wanted to start my day properly. I’m daydreaming of sunnier climates today too, seems like we are all in the same rainy boat at the moment!

  5. You master the art of instantly making me feel better when I visit your blog. Beautiful selection, Lisa. xo

  6. How nice to link to my blog!!!

    And I'd like to visit Antwerpen and Brügge and Lille and ...!

    ♥ Franka

  7. There is definitely something so charming + lovely about seeing beautiful roses in buckets! Andalucia looks like it would be an amazing place to visit and such an incredible source of inspiration. Thank you again Lisa for your support xx

  8. It's so nice to daydream about travelling - you'll get there! :-)

  9. Roses in buckets are just gorgeous, I agree! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  10. I love to dream of traveling as well! Igor's post on Andalucia was rockin'! :) x

  11. Flowers in buckets and dreams of travel, me too. It is however good to be content with what we have now and enjoy the cherished things around us.
    Wendy x

  12. Good reminder to track the original source for photos Lisa.

    I just love peonies and roses! That first picture is gorgeous!


  13. These pictures are beautiful! (I quite agree about credits) There is definitely something refreshing about flowers in the springtime *sigh* and as for daydreams, I am right alongside you, dreaming of someday soon :)

    Wishing you a beautiful week...


  14. I love photos of roses too, that first one is amazing.

    You will make it to Spain one day!


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