Sunday, 22 April 2012

sunday blooming sunday

Yesterday was mainly about home-made pizza and red wine with friends, coffee and chocolate. I also got a beautiful bouquet. Today there was a walk in the park, soup and bread in the park, coffee and chocolate. Hubby is trying to persuade me to make pizza again for dinner and I'm trying to decide whether I'm too lazy to do so or not. Tough decision!

How has your weekend been?

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. beautiful photos. are those your flowers??

  2. Lovely pink!

    Have a relaxing evening!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Petra: yes, these are the flowers I got yesterday and there were pink roses in the bouquet as well ;-)

  4. Your flower snaps are really pretty, Lisa. As for home-made pizza and red wine with friends? Sounds divine!

  5. Lovely photos, Lisa! Your weekend sounds lovely, especially the coffee & chocolate part! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


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