Tuesday, 10 April 2012

white blue vintage mood

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. Yesterday was mainly spent in a rainy weather in the town of Breskens, Holland, but it was good to feel the wind in my hair and see ships and boats.

I'm sitting here enjoying coffee and a croissant, listening to Nouvelle Vague (I love their performance of that Winston Tong's song) and continuing with the mood of my yesterday's post. From the comments it seems like my new board on Pinterest inspired you as well, which I was glad to see, as that was the whole point.

I have to say something about the above photos. The top photo is the work of Alessandro Guerani (have I told you how much I love white and blue patterns?). I recently discovered his beautiful blog, FoodOgrafia, and I'm hooked. Ever since then images by him have been popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, they are hardly ever credited. I've said this before but what is it with the lack of photo credit in blogosphere? Is it really that hard to honour the work of the photographers/stylists behind all these beautiful images we are posting on our blogs? That said, I wish I could tell you who took the other two photos, but I had no luck tracing the sources.

Alright, enough with the lecturing. Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
3: unknown source via I like, I wish, I heart/Tumblr


  1. That lecturing is welcome, Lisa. The photo crediting gets worse in the blogosphere. The last two photos are gorgeous! I'm pinning away. xo

  2. Wow - I could use a cup of cocoa right now ;o) ha ha
    Thanks for your invite to Pinterest - my brother did also invite me - I tried to write it on your FB - but thanks a lot.
    Now I have to find out how to subscribe - because I found you in there - but miss the subscribe option ;o)
    Hope that you will have a nice day - here it is rain and cold - arrggghhhh that warming spring did disappear way to fast.
    But the best is yet to come ;o))

  3. I love that vintage camera in the last pic- with the leather case - so classic! I see so many lovely images on blogs but now if I don't see a credit I just don't use it and don't go back. :)

  4. Wow, these photos are just beautiful - love them! Especially the second and third one are speaking to my heart. :-)

  5. Hey, Lisa! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, I has some work and I missed some of your post, but I am back in business now ;) Lovely photos, love them :*

  6. *had some work

  7. You're absolutely right about the photo crediting, Lisa. It's a real shame. I try my best but often the results are less than stellar. I do love these photos and am looking forward to checking out FoodOgrafia!


  8. The two links are so nice. Gald to hear about your Easter weekend. Mine was so relaxing... but I needed it!

  9. Such beautiful inspiration! Lovely images.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  10. These are some stunning images, there is so much beautiful and inspiring photography and styling, I love it!
    Have a great week and bye the way you are welcome to visit my house anytime!!!!

  11. These are stunning shots, the close ups have captured the details beautifully. Sounds like a wonderful Easter Lisa; I hope you're having a lovely start to the week xx

  12. I love blue and white patterns too and this photo makes me so happy. I agree with you about the photo credits. It doesn't seem fair at all, but sometimes they are just so hard to find. Beautiful, creative pictures that we are appreciating every day. I look forward to checking out FoodOgrafia. Thanks for sharing with us!!!

    Danielle xo

    Happy Friday : )


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