Tuesday, 29 May 2012

creating a garden

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Yesterday was an official holiday in Luxembourg so for us it was a long weekend, mostly spent in the garden and dining al fresco. The weather was perfect for gardening. On Saturday we bought a lawn mower and some gardening tools and we put them to good use. I cut the grass while hubby removed old and tired branches and weed. The children helped too but mostly they played, spraying water on each other. We were tired when we went to bed, but in a good way; the muscles ached a bit but the mind was calm and clear. All the gardening made me think of a Chinese proverb that goes something like this: if you want to be happy for a lifetime then create a garden.

Currently we are deciding on which plants to put in the flower beds that we have cleared. We have already planted carrots in one and for another one I was even thinking sweet potatoes. But we need to buy some nice flowers too. I would love to plant my own peonies, but peonies can be tricky. For the balcony we are buying pink geraniums - I love how they smell.

If I owned this house I would redesign some parts of the garden, borrowing ideas from the Japanese. Think zen style. Under the balcony there is a nice space (it has a trellis and grapevines) that could be made even nicer. It is fairly big so I would add wood frames and glass to create a conservatory, a space I could enjoy in all kinds of weather. I'm thinking something like the glass wall in this Monte Carlo home above, with sliding doors. Dreams like that are so much fun.

Do you have a garden that you enjoy working in or a spacious balcony where you can keep plants?

photo credit:
Simon Watson for Architectural Digest


  1. What a gorgeous space - sounds like fun to be had in your garden. I love thinking up what to plant in my garden. In summer there are nectarines and apricots and tomatoes and now I'm waiting for lemons and mandarins to ripen. I'm always thinking about else I can squeeze in - I love it. Trust you slept well after your busy day! :)x

  2. Lisa,
    I have an oversized deck which could be really pretty full of potted plants and flowers. The problem is...I kill everything, even cactus. No green thumb at all!! Perhaps some day I'll learn.

  3. We only have a balcony with a few potted flowers and plants. If I had a garden and if it was spacious enough I would plant some vegetables, strawberries and raspberries, roses, tulips and daisies. Oh, you'll have so much fun in the garden, Lisa! xo

  4. I love that pic!

    Yes, I do have a garden and I try to make it pretty - but it´s much harder than decorating inside my home. I´ll have to practice until I get it as I want it..! :-)

  5. Classy, simplistic, pops of greenery...really find a lot to like in this image! I have a beautiful lilac topiary tree in the garden off of my patio. It's not only pretty, but smells heavenly.

    Sounds like you have enjoyed your gardening weekend; some good carrot recipes are in the future, I bet!!

  6. Geraniums do have a lovely scent. We have a balcony where we have a few money trees, orchids and and few small plants. Hubby tends to them since I have a black thumb ;-) We are fortunate enough to have a lovely garden downstairs.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. at the moment I have a big window sill on a west-facing window, not enough to work, but enough to sit on and read in the sun.

  8. I wish I had a little balcony to have my own little urban garden:-) But alas, I have to cope with my potted plants and a few potted herbs. Until I find the apartment with a striking balcony for my green aspirations:-)

  9. Gardening is so enjoyable, I love it.
    We have 2 small paved terraces with enough room for pretty plants and herbs to grow.
    I planted out the little violas from the wedding into the front terrace garden under the Camelia bushes this week, they look so pretty.
    Your new home sounds wonderful with room for the children to have lots of fun!

  10. I so wish I could but I've killed pretty much every plant I've ever had. Of course I don't have the ideal conditions to grow anything in this apartment. No outside space. The windowsills sit atop radiators. Overall it's a nightmare for any poor plant.

    Enjoy your garden, Lisa! I'll live vicariously through you :) xoxo

  11. Our summer is short here in WA state and cold ground temps and mud is still an issue. As soon as the first warm day arrives, we all run to the nursery to buy flowers. Our large deck (facing part of a forest) is perfect for al fresco dinning and pots overflowing with flowers or boxwood. I've always wanted to start a vegetable garden but I'm sure the deer, bear, and raccoon will eat everything. They are a little bit of a pain.. :)

    Your weekend sounds like it was perfect. Productive, time spent with family, and some good rest.


  12. Do I have a garden? Well, let's put it this way - I had a cactus and it died.

    But I envy your green thumb!


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