Thursday, 24 May 2012

crystal, glass jars & flowers

We are enjoying a gorgeous day in Luxembourg. The nature is bursting and the birds are competing with the music from the radio of some construction guys close by. I must say that birds and Adele are a fairly good mixture, birds and INXS too.

Today I decided to dig into my inspiration folder for beautiful flowers and glassware. I love that ranunculus, peony and cotton arrangement in the first photo and the white ranunculus in the second one took my breath away when I first saw it. And don't get me started on the crystal and glass jars.

I don't collect anything but I think I would consider collecting elegant glassware. I'm already picturing a cabinet with glass doors to store my imaginary collection. I think I should look into finding flea markets on the French side of the borders. The French have amazing flea markets and it only takes about 10-15 minutes to drive to France.

Do you collect anything?

photo credit:
via Elizabeth Anne Designs blog  01 / 02 / 03


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  1. I love those crystal wine glasses in the 2nd image and would gladly start a collection if I could find them. I would like to keep up my teapot collection - aah, but it's not happening at the moment - I'll get back to it eventually. But I do have a bit of an embroidered linen thing going on :) x

  2. I actually like the chocolates in the first picture best :)

  3. Oh, those crystal jars! They are so beautiful! We have some very beautiful Bohemia crystal glasses and we used to keep them packed up and only use them on some special occasion, until one day when I said: you know what? I want to use that crystal glass every day to drink water or wine in the evening, why not? Why not add a little glamour to the every day living? :)

    PS: I collect empty perfume bottles and use them as decorative pieces in the bathroom. I sometimes fill them with sand, seashells or something else and they look so pretty lined up on the bathroom shelf. :)

  4. Oh how gorgeous, love the first especially!

  5. Gorgeous images Lisa:)
    I am an avid collector of so many things from books to vintage china, our house is like a French market!
    I wish I could go to the real French markets, what bliss:)
    Enjoy your day,
    Wendy x

  6. Every one of these photos is beautiful, but like you, I melted when I saw the white ranunculus... Something about their simplicity mixed with the glass is lovely!

    I enjoy collecting Antique silver and French pottery. Collecting gives me a great excuse to shop:)

  7. Lovely styling!

    ♥ Franka

  8. I'm totally drawn to the beautiful flower arrangements in these photos. So lovely! I collect photo books and vintage cameras. I stay away from breakables cause let's just say accidents seem to occur around them in my house ;-)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Beautiful images. I have a few collections, and the joy is in the hunt, but I think the secret to collecting is to know when to stop. I am very envious of you living 10 mins away from the French markets. x Sharon

  10. Beautiful photos! I don't collect anything right now, but I'd love to start!

  11. These images are GORGEOUS! I don't collect anything because I like such a varietal of things, but I definitely have a soft spot for antique jewelry especially rings and brooches :)


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