Tuesday, 15 May 2012

lovely day

Yesterday someone rang the bell with a delivery for me. It was a beautiful package with ribbons and a personal note from the ELLA team in Iceland. The day turned into a lovely day with wonderful scents.

I simply had to grab my camera and dedicate a post to the ELLA Day fragrance, which I tried first. In my opinion it's a very sophisticated scent. About an hour or so after being applied, I like how the scent starts changing and it becomes more subtle, yet fresh. As I can be sensitive to patchouli I was pleased to find it not too dominant. The packaging is beautiful. The bottle looks so pretty on my chest of drawers and it reminds me to unpack my small vases and put some fresh flowers next to it, I'm thinking one to three pink peonies. The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to apply just a little on my wrists ... I'm already in love with it.

I also got the Night fragrance which deserves a special post as well. I would like to remind those interested in a bottle that the ELLA fragrance giveaway is still open. Next Friday one lucky follower of LatteLisa wins a bottle of ELLA Night.

Today I believe summer has taken a break and gone into hiding. It makes me think if I celebrated too early in my yesterday's post. I guess I'll go back to unpacking and arranging stuff. There is also plenty to do in our garden. Did I already tell you that there is rhubarb in the garden? I believe a rhubarb crumble or pie is coming up!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Elegance never goes out of style :-)

  2. aw what a cute gift to receive!


  3. How lovely. Sponsors like that are the best! <3

  4. That's a very nice gesture! Lisa, I hope that you are enjoying your new life in Luxembourg! The house looks lovely!

  5. What a wonderful gesture! Your beautiful photos make justice to it. :)

  6. Such a nice gift, Lisa. I'm curious about its fragance.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Lisa! How exciting to receive such a lovely gift in the mail!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


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