Wednesday, 30 May 2012

notes à la mode 01

Welcome to my first NOTES À LA MODE, a new series that will be replacing the Fashion Fridays on LatteLisa. With the arrival of summer and higher temperatures it is time to keep the computer mostly off at weekends, enjoy the garden and explore my new adopted country, and the neighbouring ones. I will not be posting anything during the weekends so I would like to use Fridays to post something different.

To start the new series I have chosen a few summery photos from a black and white editorial called 'Argentique' that appears in the June/July issue of L’Officiel Paris. It has that sporty Olympic element, which I think we will be seeing a lot of before all the fun starts in London later this year. Are you getting excited for the Olympics?

Brazilian model Barbara Fialho was photographed beautifully by Alexander Neumann and styled by Vanessa Bellugeon. In the editorial she is wearing pieces from the spring/summer collections of Calvin Klein, Hakaan and Jil Sander, just to name a few. You can view the rest of the photos by following the link at the bottom.


  Have you ever viewed the L'Officiel archives? You can see its covers from the year 1921 and some of its content as well. The latest covers only contain a little preview into the magazine but much of the older ones have plenty of pages to view
  Vogue US is also getting into the Olympics mood. They teamed up model Karlie Kloss with America's top male athletes in an editorial photographed by Annie Leibovitz for their June 2012 issue
  By now most of you who read LatteLisa should be familiar with the Icelandic slow fashion label ELLA by Elinros Lindal. Their look book has been updated with the summer 2012 collection and the colours are beautiful. Their muse for the collection was Sophia Loren and as can be expected the design is feminine and elegant. The new items look so pretty in their shop in Reykjavik (do the bottles in the photo look familiar?)
  Helen of The Style Schedule went to the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition in the Bendigo Art Gallery and shared her experience with us (this Australian gallery has a wonderful website)
  Sarah of Haute Design was in a shopping mood and shared beautiful items from Les Composantes
  Inspired by putting together my last week's Fashion Friday post, and the last, as it turns out, I created a board on Pinterest called style. gentlemen. I think men's fashion deserves more attention on LatteLisa

photo credit:
Alexander Neumann for L'Officiel Paris,  June/July 2012 via Photoshoot


  1. beautiful editorial. and your new series sounds promising. looking forward to lots more :)

  2. Lovely images - I'm channelling that last one of the girl jumping out of the water... ta daah!
    Those L'Officiel archives are brilliant - what a great look back to old issues.
    And how gorgeous is Karlie Kloss in VogueUS - she looks amazing (and so tall!)
    The new summer palette at Ella by Elinros Lindal is just beautiful - that blue jumpsuit is fantastic!
    Thanks for the link my dear - Bendigo Art Gallery is indeed a gorgeous place to visit - it is compact and very boutique.
    Can't wait to see more of the new series on Wednesdays (enjoy the sunshine & home on the weekends)...:)x

  3. Beautiful summery editorial! I love the black and white - you don't often see summer pictures in these colours, it's different but I like it! I am looking forward to this new series too!

  4. Ah, the new series sounds so much better than the previous one. :) And what a way to start it! Such a beautiful editorial (well, it's black and white, and these have a special place in my heart). I love that the L'Officiel archives contain all the covers. I wish I could have access to the Vogue archives for free too. :) I've just opened the ELLA page and I really like all the blue in the summer line and that taupe long dress (although I never wear long skirts or dresses, but who knows?). xo

  5. Really love the name for the series! Brilliant idea.
    Also loved this ed very much. It actually reminded me of some Hermes ads from the past. Very beautiful indeed.

  6. I love the sound of this new series, Lisa! Gorgeous shots! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  7. I love this new series! And when you say "other neighboring countries" mean France, right?? Because that should take up the first, oh, six months of your exploring ;)

    I love these be honest, I received the US Vogue issue a few days ago and was not too impressed. There were several quality shots, but the rest seemed to me generic and without feeling...which these shots that you've posted radiate...especially that last photograph, just stunning!

    And yes, I agree that men's fashion should be featured! I've spent hours browsing Sartorialist archives in awe of beautiful men's fashion ( I tend to like Parisian trends on women and Italian trends on classic!).

    I rarely get to see Hayk in a suit/tie, so I compensate by drooling over gorgeous Italian clothing (often on gorgeous Italian men)....ssshhhhh don't tell! ;)

  8. The photos you have chosen are gorgeous!
    And yes I am very excited about the Olympic games in London later this year . Although I am affraid I am the only person who is excited about it in Norway! Winter Olympics are much more popular here...

    Thank you for passing by my blog Lisa. You are a star!

    Enjoy summer says : )

  9. Great series Lisa! These shots are all beauties - I love black and white photography. Thank you for all of these links, I'm off to take a look! xx

  10. Great idea to take a break over the weekend, why not? I'm so excited about the Olympics, bring on July!
    Thanks for your comment today xx


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