Tuesday, 8 May 2012

tuesday mood & thoughts

I needed a little latte and biscotti break from unpacking and arranging stuff. I'm sitting in my kitchen, letting the sun into the room through the open French doors. It's a little windy outside so it's nice being able to enjoy the sun in shelter.

The interesting thing about unpacking is that you start viewing your things in a different light. As we got rid of most of our stuff a few years back when we moved from Iceland, we don't really have a lot of stuff. It is amazing though how much one manages to collect in a short time, especially books and magazines. I haven't really begun arranging the small items but my mind is already picturing a completely different set-up than in Antwerp. There is no reason to be stuck, arranging things differently is one part of moving. Then there's that familiarity and comfort, the things that make you feel at home right away, for example the coffee table with the same books but in a completely new environment.

Luckily our furniture fit well in our new home, except the dining table, we will have to replace that one later. In Antwerp we had a large dining room and a small kitchen but over here the kitchen is very spacious (I've a luxury problem: too much storage space!) so a dining room is unnecessary. Our dining table, made of solid beech, is large but this kitchen calls for a white and a round table top; an extendable table with an extra leaf would be ideal. I guess one day we'll have to go furniture shopping.

It is time to go back to the boxes. These days I'm spending little time in blogosphere and it'll take me some time to catch up, but I hope everyone is enjoying a fine day. Let me remind you of the ELLA fragrance giveaway if you haven't already entered, there are still three perfume bottles to win. 

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2: unknown source via Bathwater/Tumblr


  1. How beautifully those two photos work together, Lisa. It's fantastic that you have a spacious kitchen. Were my kitchen large enough I would probably go to the point when I would create a work space in there too. :)

  2. Hi Lisa! :)
    It`s been quite a while.....but I didn`t forget you....! :))

    Big news! You are moving to another place! I´m wishing you a lot of energy to handle all whats coming along your way!

    So, all the best to you....
    Beate XX

  3. It is amazing how much stuff one accumulates. My husband and I used to move every year or two, but now we've been in our house for five years -- so it's definitely time to go through and get rid of some stuff : ) I love hearing about your new home!

  4. wonderful blue mood!

    ♥ Franka

  5. That's what is so wonderful about moving - starting over and having a totally new type of style to our home but often with a few core pieces. Have a fabulous day! xxoo

  6. Lovely pics - and so nice to have a large kitchen! :-)

  7. i hear you. moving. I have such a love-hate relationship with it...


  8. I find unpacking quite therapeutic, to find new homes for the things you love - it can be good. Enjoy! :)

  9. I love this post, Lisa. It is these moments, sitting in the sun, sipping a coffee, and letting the thoughts travel that are worth everything! And unpacking? A great way to reconsider our collectibles:-) Cheers from Munich!!

  10. How exciting... remember there is never a such a thing as too much storage! I'm sure you will find something to fill those spaces.
    I love that spotty dress in the second photo:)
    Have a great day unpacking...x

  11. Such amazing images and glad to hear you are settling in nicely!

    Unfortunately I don't know where the tray is from, but the rest is from Green Gate :)

    Have a nice Wednesday!


  12. Beautiful images & inspiration. I'm sure you'll stock up on 'stuff' over time!! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  13. Glad you're finally getting things under control. To tell you the truth I;m very inspired by your moving and I'd love myself a fresh start in another place despite that hard work and stress this requires!

  14. Beautiful images. Well, seems that you have now a fabulous kitchen! Hope you are finding well in your new home and country.

  15. Mjög fallegar myndir. Ég flutti stórt eikarborð með mér úr Rvk. sem ég hef ætlað að skipta út fyrir hvítt, kringlótt, stækkanlegt borð í mörg ár. Hef svo sannarlega ekki rekist á neitt. Gangi þér vel að pakka upp. Þetta hljómar allt svo vel hjá þér.

  16. The blue and white porcelain is so pretty and that polka dot dress is adorable ~ very nice photos.

    You seem so calm with regards to your move :)and I admire that. Enjoying the breeze, latte and a biscotti sounds perfect to me.


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