Wednesday, 9 May 2012

victorian house tour crush

This is probably directed to the ladies reading this but let's just stay still for a moment and take in that dressing room. Pink chandelier. Fresh flowers. A stretched vintage armoire for shoes and bags.

I think this is more than a crush, I think I'm in love.

This is the Jacksonville, Illinois home of designer Annie Brahler, the owner of Euro Trash. It was built as an Italianate Victorian in 1868 and was renovated in the Beaux-Arts style in 1901. Brahler said in an interview with House Beautiful: "This architecture gave me the green light, I guess, to go a little bit crazy with gilt. What is Beaux-Arts but the abhorrence of undecorated surfaces, right? But I wanted it to have some modernity, because I've got children and dogs and a life."

When asked about all the chandeliers in the house she answered: "Overdoing it with one thing is kind of not overdoing it, because it becomes a constant. The chandeliers, the crystal, are a constant. Because I have minimal color, they work. I couldn't have this many chandeliers if I had, like, hot pink going around the house."

I'll allow the photos to do most of the talking, words aren't needed.

The above photo to the left is from her daughter's bedroom who decorated it by herself. She's only 14. How wonderful it must be to be so young and have such a strong personal style. I love it.

I have to add just one funny part from the interview. When Brahler was asked if the [bed]room reflected her husband's taste, she replied: "God, no! But he always says, 'It's so damned comfortable, I don't care that I feel like the queen of Europe when I wake up.'"

So, what do you think of this house? You can view more photos by opening the link below.

photo credit:
Bjorn Wallander for House Beautiful


  1. I think I could camp out in the dressing room. I love a good chandelier, but there are too many to choose from here. So I'll stick to crystal scones in the main bedroom - they're gorgeous. :)x

  2. Still laughing at the husband's remark. Once again I will go for the kitchen and bathroom, and having chandeliers in there is just fabulous!

  3. So fabulously glamorous and totally classic! I love the bathroom with it's black walls contrasting against the floaty white curtains, lovely!

  4. A little bit too much ... but tasteful!

    ♥ Franka

  5. vááá hvað þetta er fallegt, ég væri sko til í að flytja inn samdægurs
    kveðja Adda á Akureyri

  6. I adore Victorian architecture, along with the decor has a distinct French feel to it. That dressing room is incredible, I think I could get distracted in there for hours + the all-white kitchen is stunning! Beauiful home xx

  7. My goal is to have a gorgeous closet like in your first picture, and as many chandeliers as a house can hold ;)

    Great picture roundup, Lisa!

  8. oh gosh, so beautiful!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. This is beyond words! I love it all, especially that kitchen. I think I'm in love...: )

    Danielle xo

  10. Annie has an amazing sense of design and her team is very talented. About 8 years ago I saw an article in Country Living. Contact information was listed in the back so I called and she answered! Long story short ~ I ordered several pieces (before she went the trade only) I purchased a gorgeous french mirror (In my Rustic Elegance post), white cocktail table (..and a random commercial post), a small chandelier, and table (I painted it white), and chairs with linen covers.

    It's too bad her show room is no longer open to the public.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  11. Oh goodness, this house is so so beautiful! The chandeliers, the fresh flowers... everything is gorgeous! I would love to live here. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  12. I think I would be spending the majority of my time in that closet! I really love the fact that there is a vase of flowers/greenery in every single room!

  13. I am looking at this house in such amazement right now! There is nothing but perfection about it! Every room is a new wonder and I love how fresh and pure they look, with the chandeliers and fresh flowers!

  14. Oh my goodness, I let out a little laugh when I read the very last part of your post about the husband—that is just hilarious!

    Such a pretty home, and I especially enjoy the shoe display, the chandeliers, the headboard in the mater bedroom and the light feeling throughout.


  15. I'm just about ready to move in! Holy glamour!


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