Monday, 25 June 2012

inspiration & music

"When your heart speaks, take good notes."
   Judith Campbell, author

My heart spoke non-stop this weekend and I certainly took notes. I don't know what was in the air but I especially felt inspired in the rainy and windy weather we had yesterday. Do you have days like that when there seems to be a constant flow of ideas, you have your notebook and all the important stuff around you and maybe keep one song on repeat? I'm talking about one song on repeat for hours! Yesterday it was Gotye's song, I just couldn't get enough. The photos above speak my yesterday's mood.

Maybe there was something in the rice and almond pudding I made yesterday, a Danish dessert I always serve at Christmas. With the cherries in season I had started craving the pudding with home-made cherry sauce, and since it was the National Day of Luxembourg (our first) on Saturday we had a reason to be a little festive.

In a recent post I mentioned "how things that are currently on one's mind tend to pop up everywhere; it is as if these things start seeking you instead of you seeking them." On Monday I asked you a flower question and Natalia of Fashioned by Love told me that I had English roses in my garden called Gertrude Jekyll. On Saturday, A (I'm always using the word hubby so I'm switching to his initial) brought home two living & garden magazines in German and guess what I found in one of them? An article on English roses with gorgeous photos and of course it included the story of the Gertrude Jekyll rose. Now I know a lot more about my garden beauties.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the new week is starting well for you!

photo credit:
1: from Laurence Amélie's studio via Sarah Klassen/Pinterest
2: Belle de Jour cover art via Francophilia Gazette
3: unknown source
4: Annette Mangseth via The Gifts of Life/Tumblr
5: from Life and Work by Malene Birger via Amazon UK

YouTube: Gotye feat. Kimbra / Somebody That I Used To Know


  1. Yes I have those days when all the inspiration keeps flowing, love those moments of feeling creative. What a coincidence an English rose article came to you;) Are they suitable for vases? Hope you have an equally inspiring new week!

  2. Ι have those days too but also their oppposites, as well :)
    The photos you post are awesome with an elegant feeling...!

  3. Great post Lisa. Brushes, colour, inks... inspire me always. And that Gotye film clip is absolutely mesmerising isn't it. Thanks for the push! :)x

  4. happy monday my dear, glad you had a good weekend, despite the rain...

  5. I had things materialising last weekend, too! :) The funniest part was that they weren't meant to be even thought of, but then suddenly happened. I've also been sort of obsessed about your rose - have been browsing people's gardens and garden centers to find the closest match in case the first guess didn't work. :) Glad it was the one. If you ever need to ID any plants in the future, this is probably the most brilliant site to use:

    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Liebe Lisa,
    heut schreib ich mal *deutsch* damit du nicht aus der Übung kommst!

    Die Fotos sind so hübsch und inspirierend.

    Grüße nach Luxemburg!
    ♥ Franka

  7. We spent the weekend outside Bucharest, an weekend escape always gives you a different perspective. We were on the road a lot and we had The Libertines playing on repeat. Beautiful collage! Have a wonderful new week, Lisa!

  8. I hear you; I wrote a post today with similar sentiments about letting your mind wander and the creative juices flowing...Great minds :) I love that Gotye song, in fact the whole album is brilliant - I highly recommend! xx

  9. I love days like that, when the inspiration just flows! I think sometimes rainy, moody weather helps a bit, at least for me : )

  10. Mmmm....that pudding sounds so yummy, and I love your roundup of images! Happy Monday!

  11. I absolutely love days like that, Lisa. I actually miss having them. Seems to happen mostly in the fall, winter and early spring. The times when I'm more settled in one place. This living in two places during the summer is lovely but even though I have restful days they don't inspire me in quite the same way.

    Hope you're haivng a wonderful start to the week! :) xoxo

  12. Those types of days are the best...I love all the photos you've pulled...that first one reminds me to get my paints's been far too long that they've been laying neglected in my art box.

    And I can definitely play one song on repeat for hours...which Hayk unfortunately knows too well *evil laugh*.

    Happy Monday!

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful and creative weekend Lisa! And thanks for the link to your Rice and almond pudding, I am definitely going to give it a try! Happy week ahead xx

  14. Oh what a beautiful moodboard and YES, I know days like these! I can't wait for a quite weekend when I can focus on myself again and let the creative juices flow. The past weekends have been all reserved for travels, travels, travels...

  15. Your life in your new home sounds happy and content:)
    I love the first picture of the painting, so gorgeous and inspiring.
    Have a happy week,
    Wendy x

  16. I know the days you mean but unfortunately, I seem to be having a dry spell at the moment! Is there anything that you do that helps you feel inspired and creative or does it just happen? I still love the fact that your husband brings you magazines!

    1. What I've found out that works best for me is to write down my ideas. Then I keep on coming back to them and somehow get them in order and find my focus.

      What I've been doing lately, and I think that helps, is expanding my zone of reading, not always buying the same magazines or viewing the same websites. For example, after moving to Luxembourg I'm reading some German magazines, magazines that I've never even seen before or don't remember seeing, just get a new perspective and angle.

      And what always inspires me is reading about travels and especially viewing the portfolios of photographers that travel all over the world. I hope this helps.

  17. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mira, for your praise and visit.


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