Thursday, 21 June 2012

interior design: marrakesh home

If you lived in a warm climate like Marrakesh, Morocco, how would you design your home? What kind of furniture would you choose? This home was designed by Moroccan architect Imaad Rahmouni for a French family. Compared to my home this feels like another planet but I am drawn to the straight lines and that minimalist approach. The owners wanted to have the house white but there seems to be a colour code in Morocco.

There is something about the space above that intrigues me - probably the glass walls. It connects the kitchen and dining room. The tables were designed by Rahmouni. That art piece on the wall is a gouache by Alexander Calder (1898-1976) and the sofa, also a sculpture, is by Warren Platner. You see the room from the outside in the photo below.

Part of the living room area is shown above and it has that same beautifully framed glass wall. The painting is by French artist Nathalie Bourdreux and the sculpture on the floor is by André Cazenave, also French.

photo credit:
Eric Flogny for Marie Claire Maison


  1. It's amazing to see such a modern home that completely looks like it could be somewhere else - not the kind of house you'd expect in Marrakesh! Apparently, only the colour code pays reference to its surrounding. Great find!

  2. Whoa... we must be on the same page today and most definitely thinking of the sun! LOL.
    I love those beautiful vistas through the glass panes framed in black and that glass walkway is fabulous. Loving the natural bright light. A little to minimal for me too, but hey, I'd visit:)

  3. This home looks so serene. Although not the design I would approach for my own home, I love how modern and minimalist it is.

  4. So very clear.
    Looks like a museum!

    ♥ Franka

  5. I have to say when I saw the title of this post I had a completely different vision in mind of what the home would look like. It's so refreshing and unique. I absolutely love it!

    Hope you're having a great week and have a wonderful weekend. Has summer decided to pay you a visit yet? xoxo

  6. Oooh loving the bold colors! Such a cool space!

  7. The view seems pretty fantastic!


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