Tuesday, 26 June 2012

interior design: thomas o'brien & natural light

This space may look familiar to some of you. It's the 57th Street apartment of interior and home furnishings designer Thomas O'Brien in New York City. There are many photos roaming around the internet of the same room decorated and styled in various ways. The above photo is part of a photo shoot for O'Brien's book, American Modern, that was published by Abrams in 2010. I'm in awe of the high ceiling and those windows that let in all that natural light. I'm an avid fan of not covering windows; only using curtains where it's absolutely necessary.
The photo above is on the cover of American Modern and shows the room in a different light. I think the only similarity to the top photo is the upper artwork to the right. About his book O'Brien said:
I wanted it to be about something more than just a compilation of interiors. So, this book ... was born out of the idea of sharing what I do, in a more topical way. I wanted to illustrate the traditional-to-modern spectrum that I work in, in a related series of homes. And I wanted to focus on the American nature of my thinking as a designer. (September, 2010)
The Thomas O'Brien/Aero Studios website is a great inspiration for everyone interested in interior design and art. O'Brien has a wonderful art collection and you can view some of it by clicking on the last link under photo credit. If you like to see more of his space then check out this link on the website.

photo credit:
1: Laura Resen for Thomas O'Brien via houzz
2: Laura Resen, cover photo of American Modern via Ill Seen, Ill Said


  1. What a beautiful space. Those soaring windows are just amazing. x Sharon

  2. Now that is an inspirational place for creating... it looks like an old deco bank in a past life - how gorgeous are those windows! And the Thomas O'Brien link is fantastic too. I feel like dabbling in a little maximal from minimal myself now.. thanks for sharing and have a great day:)x

  3. I´d do anything for those windows. Seriously.

  4. What an amazing studio in that last photo! Off to check the website. xo

  5. Wow those ceilings and windows are absolutely incredible! Love seeing the space transormed. How could you not be inspired in such a setting? :) xoxo

  6. I love love love the heigh ceilings. can you imagine living in a place like this. heaven!!!

  7. Incredible! I would love to have floor to ceiling windows, the light it would let in + those high ceilings look amazing xx

  8. I not only love how high the windows are, I love how some hand crank open...the last picture showing all the decor is gorgeous!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I too love these floor to ceiling windows. I'm a huge fan of a neutral colour palette. These windows are far too beautiful to cover!


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