Friday, 15 June 2012

look on the bright side

While walking the kids back to school after their lunch break I began watching my mind closely. I realised that all day I had been complaining about the weather, mentioning the clouds and rain we have been having in every conversation. Suddenly it dawned on me that there are people dying in this world while I'm walking in a secure part of it and complaining about the rain. At that moment I wanted to punch myself in the face so I would wake up and see how fortunate I am. That said my weekend advice will be simple: Stop complaining about petty things and look on the bright side.

I came home and thought it was time to start embracing the rain by posting that beautiful photo of Café le Nemours on Place Colette in Paris. I love that photo and the rain makes it more beautiful. I saw it on Tumblr without any link to the source and I traced it back to Nichole of Little Brown Pen and she gave me permission to use it. I should have known it was her work; she's the one to count on for gorgeous Paris photos. (Have you browsed through or do you own a copy of her book Paris in Color?)

So, what will I do in the rain this weekend? I have plenty of options. I can clean my 'French antique shop' in the garage and arrange those items in our home. I have plenty of rhubarb and strawberries to make a delicious crumble. I can read my new books while enjoying my latte. Because of the rain our garden is bursting with life. There are yellow, pink and white roses in bloom that I can cut and arrange neatly in flower vases and spread all over the home. The options in the rain are endless.


photo credit:
Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen


  1. Hey, Lisa, I imagine your garden looking amazing even with the rain! I have this bad habit myself: to complain about little things, as I said my mood depends on the weather outside and I have to change that. Well, I loved that part in Midnight in Paris, when he meets the Parisian girls who loves walking in the rain:))) I wish I could be the same! Have a lovely weekend:*

  2. Ah I LOVE Little Brown Pen, you are so right about the rain making that photo more beautiful. What is it about rain in Paris?

  3. The rainy weather can be so romantic! That rhubarb and strawberry crumble sounds delicious! Save a piece for me:)x

  4. Rainy weather can be beautiful, I love to walk in the rain.
    It is raining here too, in Sydney, pretty Autumn leaves on the ground, winter chill, time for cosy fires and and hot drinks.
    We have many good things in our lives and much to be happy about:)
    Have a lovely weekend, your French Antique shop sounds an absolute treat!

  5. Agreed! We all should count our blessings more often!
    Love the Paris rain photo... Paris is one of those places that is special no matter the atmosphere!!
    Look forward to seeing pics your newly acquired antiques and London shots!


  6. I love the photo and you are so right - counting our blessings is so important. I don't mind a rainy day or two!

  7. That photo is amazing! I knew it was Nichole's before I read your lines. By the way, I browsed through her book in my favourite bookshop here and I might go back thees days to buy it. I am learning to love rainy weather. There are so many things to be thankful for and enjoy every single day, in any kind of weather. :)

  8. Lisa, this is indeed the right attitude (especially if you live in what I call the Brux-Lux axes...)! With your creativity, I'm sure you can find some many rain-proof activities. That's a beautiful shot of Paris!


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