Wednesday, 6 June 2012

notes à la mode 02

In my second NOTES À LA MODE I had planned something completely different, but all day my internet connection has been teasing me and uploading only one photo seemed to take forever. I decided it was time to admit defeat. I had already uploaded these and was saving for later but in this rainy weather we are enjoying in Luxembourg they seem ideal.

This is an editorial from 2009, taken for the Travel Summer section of The New York Times Style on the Greek island of Patmos. It was Camilla Åkrans who photographed model Tiiu Kuik. The mood in these photographs moves my heart.


  Did you follow the CFDA Fashion Awards? There is a wonderful video from the ceremony on It starts with short clips, interviews with designers and celebrities from the red carpet, which are fun to watch if you don't have the time to watch the whole thing. Seth Meyers was the host and it was hilarious when he at one point showed up on stage wearing the black lace dress that Marc Jacobs wore at the Met Ball 2012 
  The fashion bloggers Garance Doré and Scott Schuman accepted the Media Award, in the honour of Eugenia Sheppard, and I loved their speeches that were particularly directed to bloggers. If you open the link above you can watch it from minute twenty-two or so
  Speaking of Garance Doré. She posted an interview on her blog with fashion writer at Vogue US, Chioma Nnadi, that I found very interesting and inspirational
  These days more and more Resort 2013 Collections are being revealed. The colours of the Burberry Prorsum collection especially appeal to me and I have to say that I'm in love with this Michael Kors gold long-sleeved top

photo credit:
Camilla Åkrans for NY Times Style, Travel Summer 2009 via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. The fantastic blue together with the white here really makes me think of Greece. Not too long until we´ll go there! :-)

  2. The white and blue in these photos can only take your mind to Greece. Dreamy. I have to see that black lace dress on Seth Meyers. :)

  3. A! Greece... and suddenly I don't see the bathing suits anymore...I just look forward to be there in July ; )

  4. I absolutely loved that editorial! I remember it well. Thanks for the reminder and for taking me back to Greece. I haven't been in years and I have family there so I think it's about time I paid them a visit :)

    And what is it about pesky internet connections lately? I've had the problem as well. As of right now it's ok but I'll knock on wood about that!

    Off to check out if my connection allows. Hope you're having a fabulous week, Lisa! xoxo

  5. Do you know what's so funny? Just as I hit send I got my email about their complete coverage of the CFDAs. Timing is everything. Off to check it out now :)

  6. Oh my gosh this editorial is incredible. Sorry about the internet...that is one of my biggest pet peeves!

  7. Just by looking at these shots + without reading where they were taken, I knew they had a Grecian inspired feel to them. Such a beautiful editorial! xx

  8. Stunning editorial... I love that second image - so architectural. Am off to check out the CFDA link and Scott & Garances acceptance speeches. I gotta say, Burberry just keep getting better and better I think. :)x
    PS: Thanks for that!

  9. I've come back from holiday to pouring rain (as usual) so these shots were just what I needed to brighten my day. I'm wondering if I can pull off the beautiful white suit in the first picture...

  10. Lisa, I love that golden outfit of MK, really! I am in my golden era, I think, everything (not quite) that sparkles draws my attention! Greece has a certain thing that urge one to laziness! Lovely braided hair!
    Thank you for your nice words on my new blog layout :*, Lisa and have a sunny day!


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