Wednesday, 27 June 2012

notes à la mode 04

This week's NOTES À LA MODE is about fashion illustrations, plus a painting, and a little bit of Dior and men's fashion in the links, as today is the start of Men's Fashion Week in Paris. I have to add that I cannot wait for the Haute Couture shows that start in Paris on Sunday. I'm particularly excited about the Christian Dior show on Monday as Raf Simons will reveal his first collection for the fashion house.

On the blog in May there was an ELLA fragrance giveaway and one of the lucky winners was Helen of The Style Schedule blog. She won a bottle of the ELLA Day scent and she created the illustration above that really struck a chord with me. It was such a wonderful token of appreciation and I love the fact that she used that yellow colour in her illustration, it's so beautiful. I had already pinned Helen's illustration and shared it on the LatteLisa Facebook page but I simply had to get her permission to post it on the blog as well and of course she allowed me to.

The yellow in Helen's piece reminded me of the beautiful painting below, Dancing in the Rain 1, by artist Kathryn Trotter that I had seen online. Her portfolio has a section called Fashion Inspired and I find the paintings incredibly beautiful.

The illustration above is one of my favourites by Karl Lagerfeld and it appears in Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie (page 193). That book contains many of Lagerfeld's sketches for Chanel.


  Yesterday I repinned this delightful fashion illustration to the right by Japanese illustrator Yoco Nagamiya. There was no information about the artist or the source but I traced it and updated the Pinterest link so you can view more illustrations and read her profile
  Garance Doré shared a beautiful illustration on her blog that she did for WWD Japan. She was inspired by the winter coats by Céline
  Today is the start of Men's Fashion Week in Paris. If you're interested in the spring/summer 2013 collections then check the schedule to find your favourite designer. The most passionate ones can also watch live streaming from the runway
  Speaking of men's fashion, I recently discovered Men In This Town, a street style blog by Giuseppe Santamaria
  Vogue US gives us a sneak peek into designer Jason Wu's studio
  This post started with a scent and it ends with a scent. The Dior Mag now contains an interview with master perfumer François Demachy, the creator of Dior Addict

photo credit:
1: Helen of The Style Schedule
2: Kathryn Trotter via GoRadio
3: Karl Lagerfeld via La Chanelphile


  1. What a feast for the eyes and delightful read this Notes à la mode post is! Love all the illustrations and the painting here. Thank you for Men In This Town link, just browsed it a little and I really liked the 'backup' photo (looking good!). :)

  2. I am a huge fan of illustrations, really, Lisa! I am happy that you find Yoco Nagamyia, she has some beautiful sketches, about women and their addiction (that one with the shoe - big shoe- is lovely, but being a bike addicted, the one you posted comes first for me. And I am also looking for paintings these days. Kisses

  3. As a fan of fashion illustrations, this post is such a lovely treat. Thank you for introducing the work of Yoco Nagamiya! I'm totally smitten!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Wish I had time to take a good look at all of these links, but that'll have to wait. The illustration of the scent looks great and you are absolutely right about the yellow. Would love to hang something like that dancing in the rain painting in our living room <3 Hope you have a lovely evening!

  5. Ohh I saw the Ella illustration come up in my reader and it immediately grabbed my attention - it is beautiful! Helen is extremely talented to create this! I wonder if she will be opening an etsy store soon...? I also love Yoco Nagamiya's creation - how lovely! Thank you for the inspiration today Lisa xx

  6. I can't believe I missed this post! I've been a little busy this week ..hmmm! I love those links - particularly the Men In This Town. And those Kathryn Trotter paintings are adorable. Anything with Fashion Illustration in the text or title grabs my attention as you know - these are lovely. Funnily, I've been collating fashion illustration links all week too - great minds. (Love the first painting! LOL, wink!- Rachel is very kind and also a bit intuitive I think?) Thanks lovely.
    PS: You look beautiful in your new photo to the left. :) Have a gorgeous day/night.


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