Friday, 22 June 2012

see the beauty in your garden

Yesterday my son and I were walking home from school. I had my camera with me and asked him if we should photograph a pretty flower we saw and a bee that was feeding on it. Then he asked me: "Mum, do you always have to photograph something beautiful?" He is six, almost seven, so I didn't get philosophic but my answer was yes, I want to photograph the beautiful things I see all around me.

That question of his stuck with me and it made me remember something I read in an interview with an Icelandic guy many years ago. He was talking about how we are constantly being fed with negativity. On the news we see the bad things happening in the world, all the ugliness. He said that he realised how deeply this was beginning to affect his life, that he was almost feeling depressed. Then one day he turned off the TV and put the newspapers away, walked into his own garden, took a good look around him and realised that his garden was okay and beautiful. The garden was just a metaphor for his surroundings.

You probably know where I'm going with this. My weekend advice is this: See the beauty in your garden. Don't watch or read anything negative this weekend. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood and focus on the beautiful and positive things you see. You can photograph them, draw them, write a poem or your thoughts about them in your notebook. If you have a friend that is always sharing with you the horrors of this world then don't call him/her this weekend, and definitely stay away from his/her Facebook page because people like that seem to feel the constant need to share the ugliness of the world with the rest of us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should be in denial of the things going on in the world. Be aware of them but don't let them spoil the beauty in your garden.


photo credit:
Marianne Taylor via Love My Dress


  1. great advice!!!
    i have blocked all the doomsdayers on my facebook.

  2. Whenever I walk home or when I'm the one who's driving I take the same road, even if it's the longest one. My husband used to ask me why I do that. The answer is that that is the most beautiful way home.
    No, it is not about being ignorant towards the reality around us, but too often we see only the bad things surrounding us, and there's enough beauty in the world too.
    Beautiful post, Lisa! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  3. Lovely! I like to find the beauty in simple things; makes the day brighter. The news is too depressing sometimes that i just don't watch it that often anymore. Its not just beauty its finding the positive in everything. Hope you have a great weekend Lisa:)

  4. It's one of the best things ever - to get yourself away from all negativity and let the nature and beauty surround you for a little while. I find it incredibly relaxing and inspiring. Every morning I make sure to pop to the garden even for a few minutes, even in the rain because it's the best start of the day. And, of course, walking the dog also gives me a chance to get away from everything, smell a few flowers we pass or take pictures of leaves and plants. Plus, I'd always suggest some classical music - it clears the mind wonderfully.

  5. Perception of beauty is variable...
    Gret photo by the way :)

  6. This is why I love blogging/reading blogs so much, it’s that little bit escapism from the serious that let’s me kick back with a cup of coffee and just enjoy the beauty around us. Since I started blogging, I have learnt to look for the beauty in everything. I stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper years ago and I haven’t looked back (I catch up on the news about once a week to keep myself aware but I no longer get ‘involved’. Now I just need to learn to stop reading the weather reports because they have the same depressing effect on me!). Have a lovely weekend Lisa!

  7. Wondeful advice! I turned the t.v. off years ago, and started blogging. My life took a peaceful turn and earnestly hope I am better person for it.
    Here's to a happy weekend to all!

  8. I love the sentiment in this post! Since I had been unwell, I started blocking myself off from negativity and it just made me wonder why I didn't think to do this sooner. Our garden downstairs has been a wonderful retreat and I've had some of my happiest moments just taking in the pretty flowers and feeding the squirrels.

    Have a wonderful weekend Lisa!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Beautiful sentiments Lisa; taking time to appreciate your surroundings sounds simple, but often its seeing the beauty in everyday that can make us feel happier overall xx

  10. Very good advice, I am similar to you -- I always stop and photos of beautiful things because of the beauty, to create the memory of when I took the photo and experience the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing something in that moment you will never see two moments are exactly the same.

  11. Lisa, you are absolutely right about the importance of seeing and finding beauty around us. It is way too easy to complain and we just need to make an extra effort to appreciate everything that surrounds us. Hope you are enjoying a nice Sunday!

  12. Hello, Lisa!

    First, that is a gorgeous image. (would you believe I have blue jars and roses and wooden crates in my studio right now, too?)

    And I have to say this is some of the best and most beautiful articulated advice I've seen for a long time. You are SO right. It's not that shutting off the news is ignoring what's happening but the negativity drains the very energy that the world needs from each person. I mentioned in another comment that I haven't watched TV for many years and am so happy not doing so. I hope many of your readers take your advice.

    Happy week to you!

    – g

  13. great advice. I definitely had a rather positiv weekend. in general I'm one for balance though. too much of the good and beautiful is as bad as too much of the ugly and negative.

    happy Monday xx

  14. Such a lovely idea, great advice. I found myself turning off the news and not reading newspapers after my babies were born because I couldn't stand to see the negativity in the world after bringing two humans into it that have no idea what their in for. Now I try to accept the negativity when I can but I also try to highlight the positive for my girls. Such as showing them the beauty in our garden. :)


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