Thursday, 12 July 2012

coffee & bicycles

The above images describe my mood today. My morning started early as usual and after taking the kids to school (tomorrow is the last day of school, finally) I enjoyed coffee while reading and writing with soft music in the background. There was some chocolate too. I'm all about books these days, but you knew that already. We are enjoying a cloudy weather but I took my new bicycle for a test drive. Yesterday, A made a delicious dinner and then he surprised me with a brand new bicycle. It is white and French and so feminine. I love it. There is something so wonderful about getting a new bicycle. It always takes me back to the day I got my first one. Do you also remember that moment?

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings yesterday. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day!

photo credit:
1: Rachel Ellis via Rustic.Meets.Vintage/Tumblr
2: Brent Darby via Kiyoaki/Tumblr
3: Coliena Rentmeester for Red Magazine via Nibs

YouTube: The Windmills Of Your Mind / performed by Sting
 music: Michel Legrand, lyrics: Alan and Marilyn Bergman


  1. What a wonderful birthday present! I've had my eyes on a white bike as well. ;) Yes, I remember when I got my first bike. It was red and I was about 4 or 5 years old. :)

  2. that's a great bday present. I actually think my first ever bicycle was also my last. and I do remember it. lime green :)

    have a great day xx

  3. So sorry I missed your birthday yesterday, Lisa! Sounds like you had a wonderful one. And what a fabulous present! You have a wonderful hubby.

    I would be thrilled to own a bicycle but it's just not that practical in NYC with the space & I'm not too keen on riding in the city. I might make an exception for a white one though :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and take your bike for a spin soon! xoxo

  4. You have a very thoughtful husband! What a wonderful birthday gift! I remember my first bike. It was a pink Schwin (with a white basket on the front) that I got for my nineth birthday. There was nothing like it! I hope you enjoy your new bike. Would love to see a picture of it sometime : )

    Have fun!

    Danielle xo

    1. thank you Danielle, I'm sure that bicycle will appear in a photo or two one day ;-)

  5. What a wonderful present Lisa! Riding around your new city and exploring will be magical in the summer! What a special husband you have Lisa xx

  6. How was your first drive on that gorgeous bike of yours? Still gloating from happiness;)? That first blue and white cup is so, so perfect. I wish it were mine, I would only drink coffee out of that particular cup.

    1. Christel, that white and blue cup has your name written all over it!


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