Tuesday, 31 July 2012

interior design: art & colours

When browsing through interior magazines I am not necessarily drawn to the same things all the time or one kind of design. I think it depends on my mood. One day I am drawn to something contemporary, the next it could be country homes; sometimes I'm looking at furniture only, sometimes decorative pieces. There is no rule, I pretty much like everything, as long as the design is beautiful and there is an idea behind the way a home is designed. It also helps if things are arranged neatly because clutter turns me off.

Today I find myself drawn to art and how colours can be used to shift your focus to a piece of art in a room. I like how it can be done subtly, as in that top photo, where everything in the room tones with that yellow artwork in the corner. There is no need for yellow decorative items on the mantelpiece or the tables to draw attention to that painting. In the second photo, the use of colours is more obvious. The red painting is centrally located and there are some red items and pink flowers in the room that tone with it. What I like about that room is that the pop of colours isn't overdone. It is easy to get carried away and go too far, but that room has balance. In the third photo, there are two art pieces communicating, three if you count the lamp. Well, I don't think this home is real, I think it's just a styling for the Maxalto armchair, but I like these two spectacular black pieces in that white room.

Do you use certain colours in your home and is there a reason why you do so? I have shown you my sitting area and I think I can say for sure that the colour of the two old armchairs defines the rest of the living room.

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  1. Neutral colour palette and a few accent colours here and there: that's my interior design philosophy. But I am always drawn to a black and white room. And some art work casually propped against the wall always does the trick. :)

  2. Agreed...Balance is key in decorating. I love the black and white room, whether staged for photo shoot or not; it is perfectly balanced and simplistic.

  3. I like to think that my style is more contemporary so I'm always surprised when I'm drawn to something traditional but then there are no hard and fast rules as to what one likes. Our color scheme is built around neutrals with pops of color. I loved our grey couch until I realized it was pigeon colored O_o After almost 10 yrs. with it, we're getting a new one later this year and it probably won't be grey ;-)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I like the second room most!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Ha, sounds like me:-) Sometimes I feel like I am weird cause I like so many different styles, colours, designs...but after all I am a firm believer of the intrinsic sense of style & design - the sense that comes from within...or from our guts:-)

  6. I love the yellow "pops" here and there!

  7. I love the rooms you have selected here; the painting in the 3rd picture is absolutely stunning, I'd love it in my studio ;-)
    Have a good week Lisa.

  8. The first thing I notice are the artworks in any room... and I just zoomed straight into the first one with the yellow hues - stunning! :)

  9. Drawn to the different shapes of the chairs and lounges mixing it up, love the rounded ends of the grey lounge fabulous!
    Carla x