Friday, 3 August 2012

be spontaneous

Can it really be Friday again? This weekend we have to go to Antwerp to pick up our younger daughter who is visiting a friend. Our plan was to continue to the beach but the weather forecast says it will rain. The beach in the rain isn't exactly what I had in mind. Maybe I should just do as the girl in the photo, put on a pair of wellingtons and walk on the beach while reading. It looks fun! Anyway, we have to pick up our daughter so another idea is to spend Sunday in Brussels, where the sun is supposed to be. Let's see what happens.

This summer I have been giving you a weekend advice on Fridays and the only one I can think of now is this: be spontaneous. Don't plan anything, just have fun and see where it takes you. In my experience, the best moments are when I don't have any plans; when I'm spontaneous and have no expectations, that's where the magic happens.


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  1. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Ob in Antwerpen - Brüssel oder irgendwo!

    ♥ Franka

  2. I completely agree: the best moments happen when you are spontaneous. Have a wonderful time in Belgium! :)

  3. Be spontaneous and have an open heart... always fun! Have a great weekend Lisa:)

  4. oh, that is a good advice, thanks

  5. I love the idea of being spontaneous. And this is the first weekend in months that I'm able to do that :) Have an amazing weekend, Lisa whatever you end up doing! xoxo

  6. Hope it doesn't rain wherever you go! :) Or at least it's a rain and sunshine situation, so you can see the rainbow.
    I don't believe in making plans for weekens either. Whenever I have a to-do list I tend to fail miserably because I want to live without time frames and schedule at least a day or two a week (not that my dog allows me much freedom, though :) )
    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. I was going to make your pizza dough, but realised that I'd need to get the stone first for the best results. So I guess this is one thing I will have to do over the weekend - any advice on brand/size/material/anything stone-related will be much appreciated. :)

  7. Spontaneous events are always the best :) I was just telling my husband that I'd prefer not to have every day off scheduled with something. We were in Brussels and Ghent a few weeks ago and the weather was on/off. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are experiencing a cooler than average summer.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. I completely agree - some of life's best moments are those that aren't planned. I know someone who is incapable of being flexible in their life, and it's truly to their detriment. Of course, there should be some structure, and some planning is necessary for certain things in life - but for everyday pleasures sometimes it's best to head out on an adventure and see where it takes you. I hope it takes YOU somewhere sunny and nice! Though the rain really is romantic sometimes...perhaps not at the beach with children, though!

    Like "Little Rus" above, I'm going to make one of your recipes, too! The biscotti which I have been drooling over for so long, have accumulated all the ingredients necessary, and can't think of why I haven't made it yet! It will be my Sunday indulgence :)

    Happy weekend, Lisa! Have a great trip, wherever you go!

  9. Any day at the beach is a lovely day to me, even in a little rain! We live in South Carolina, about 4 hours from Charleston on the coast and have a quick trip planned for next week, and even tho it's business I'm hoping to be able to take a quick detour on the sand even if I have to "don my wellies" to do it!
    Have a wonderful time, wherever you end up!
    --Lee Ann

  10. Hi Lisa! Such a great image. I hope you enjoy your weekend in Antwerp regardless of weather. My hubby is there this week so you can wave as you go through. :)

    And thank you for the advice. So many options this weekend but I'll try not to over plan. Serendipity is often the best adventure.


  11. Hope it all goes well. Sometimes I quite like being on the beach in the rain, perhaps that's just a British thing - we don't have much choice! ;)

  12. do things without expectations. that's the best thing you can do.... happy weekend xxx

  13. I agree! I'll have your sentence in my mind. Thank you, Lisa.
    Hope you have a sunny weekend and can enjoy the beach. :-)

  14. Great advice! Lovely inspiring picture. Hope your weekend stays sunny for you!


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