Thursday, 2 August 2012

drawing with light 01

In the past I have created posts that only include one photo and in the back of my mind there has always been this idea of finding a name for those, instead of coming up with a new title every time that describes the photograph. Sometimes a photograph doesn't need a description, it tells a story on its own and words are unnecessary. Words can even be in the way.

Yesterday we spent hours driving and walking by the Moselle River and the scenery left me inspired. I had been playing with the word 'pinspired' for these posts because Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration. But as much as I liked the word it felt limited because my inspiration certainly doesn't come from Pinterest only. My mind felt clear when we got back home and all of a sudden the name for these posts revealed itself: DRAWING WITH LIGHT.

Drawing with light is basically the meaning of the word photography, which comes from Greek. The word photo means light and graphos means to draw or to write.

I won't be posting these on certain days, I will post them when words aren't needed to describe the mood in a photo. These posts will also be an opportunity to draw attention to the name of photographers and stylists. These people work hard to keep us inspired and as much as I love blogosphere it so often makes me sad to see how freely some bloggers treat sources of images. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time know my thoughts on that issue.

I'm off to France so I wish you a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Martin Cederblad for Sköna hem
styling Karolina Karlsson + Sara Sjögren


  1. Love the name you've come up with. That's photo has summer written all over it. :) enjoy your trip!

  2. Clever! I love the play with words... a nice addition to the blog and a lovely summery vibe from the image above. Send a postcard fm France! :) x

  3. It is a very nice lesson, Lisa! I did not pay attention at the beginning of my blog to the sources, but now I do, really. But sometimes I find pictures on pinterest that do not have the name of the photographer. Have an amazing day in France. I can imagine that the pictures was taken there and that there is a winery close to that terrace/balcony :*

  4. enjoy your trip :)

  5. What a beautiful name for the series Lisa; I shall look forward to it! I love history lesson on the origins of photography, I had no idea where the name came from xx

  6. A top notch name for the series, Lisa. Have a great trip to France! :) xx

  7. I love the idea for this, Lisa! And I love the name you chose. Looking forward to seeing many more of these. Enjoy your time in France :) xoxo

    Oh and yes, of course Loulou! It was one of our best sellers at the boutique :) xoxo


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