Monday, 13 August 2012

icelandic version of my blog

This post is written for the Icelandic readers of my blog to announce that today I started an Icelandic version of the blog, simply called LatteLísa. ('Lísa' is the way my name is written in Icelandic and latte is spelled the same, as in English.) The rest of you are welcome to take a look if you want to know what written Icelandic looks like.

I use the same layout for the blogs, just different colours. The style stays the same but I don't intend to post the same things on the blogs simultaneously. Well, that may happen occasionally when I'm having busy days.

Let me just add that I loved reading your comments on my today's post 'drawing with light 03' because that beautiful photograph seemed to bring out the same emotions in most readers. That photograph was one of the main reasons I started the series.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt
- photo taken in the town of Remich, Luxembourg, August 2012


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