Wednesday, 1 August 2012

notes à la mode 07

Welcome to the month of August. Today I have a blog birthday, which calls for a double latte. Exactly two years ago I started this small with-my-latte project and I couldn't imagine discontinuing. Thank you readers and blog friends for your visits and comments that make it all worthwhile.

My NOTES À LA MODE 07 starts with a photo from the August issue of Vogue Germany that I was so taken with (A brought home the issue during my summer blog break and I think he's just bringing home these magazines to be featured on the blog!). I don't know whether it's the red dress or the surroundings or the photography that fascinate me. Probably all three. This beautiful editorial is called 'Peking Lady' and it features model Liu Wen in clothes by Boss Black, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. It contains nine photos, but the three taken in the streets were the ones that had my heart.

In fashion heaven, if it exists, the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent is celebrating his birthday. He was born on this day in 1936, in Oran, Algeria. He retired in 2002 and passed away in Paris, 1 June, 2008. He gave us women the tailored trouser suit and of course so much more. I still remember my bottle of Paris perfume and my first box of YSL eyeshadows that I bought sometime in the 90s.

The nude portrait of the designer was taken by Jeanloup Sieff in 1971 for the launch of a man's fragrance. In the second photo, Saint Laurent is photographed with model Betty Calroux and his fashion muse, Loulou de la Falaise, at Rive Gauche in 1969.


  The photo to the right is one of many photos from the Dior shop on Rue François Sibilli in Saint Tropez, France. The building dates back to the eighteenth century. I found the photos while browsing the website of Vogue Germany and I was very impressed with the design. This feels more like a home than a shop. There is even a restaurant with star chef Yannick Alléno at the helm. By the way, the photo you see on the wall is taken by Patrick Demarchelier and you will find it in the book Dior Couture, which was published in December 2011
  I am not done with Dior because I found this cute Baby Couture video on the Dior Mag website and it had me smiling
  Debra of Dustjacket Attic shared a beautiful haute couture editorial that appeared in Elle Russia. The first photo took my breath away
  This Bergdorf Goodman window with a little mix of Oscar de la Renta and Balenciaga had me swooning
  Speaking of Balenciaga, Ada of Classiq shared these statement bracelets on her blog today

photo credit:
1-3: Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Germany, August 2012 via Visuelle
4: Jeanloup Sieff, 1971 via Acid Wallpaper
5: J. Minihan, 1969 via Acid Wallpaper
6: Courtesy of Dior via Vogue Germany


  1. That video of the kids in Dior is absolutely Gorgeous! Loved it. And that was a stunning editorial from Elle Russia too. My husband just saw that photo to the right from the Dior shop in St Tropez and said we need a print like that one on our wall... yeah.. so I'll just zip out to Dior and get that for our place shall I? :)x

    1. Stop by in Luxembourg on your way and I will go with you to Saint Tropez!
      Your husband is paying, right? ;-)

    2. Sure why not? Dare I say it, the shopping won't stop at artwork while were at it right? :)

  2. Hurrah! Happy second blogging birthday, Lisa. Blogland wouldn't be the same without you, so here's to many more years! :)

    1. Thank you Will for your sweet words ;-)
      Blogland would definitely not be as colourful without you ... and I think there would be less stripes as well.

  3. Happy blog anniversary, Lisa! Two weeks without you in the blogosphere were hard enough, so I really couldn't imagine it without your wonderful blog. :)
    I understand why you were fascinated by the Vogue Germany editorial (by the way, I couldn't find the edition here), love the mood in those photos. The Dior Baby Couture video is simply adorable and the store window, fabulous! Thank you for the mention. :)

  4. Dear Lisa, happy happy happy blog anniversary! Let me tell you a secret: you took a blog break right when I came back from my vacation, but even though you said you'll be back on the 31st, I was checking your blog daily :)))) That Oscar de la Renta green gown is so special, I can not stop looking at it!

  5. Happy blogiversary, Lisa! So glad that you decided to start this slice of heaven 2 years ago. I agree with Ada, it's hard to go a few days without stopping by. Wouldn't even want to think of a world without LatteLisa :)

    Such a gorgeous editorial in Vogue Germany. It's just stunning. Especially the first two photos. They're magical.

    Also, I remember my first YSL purchases too. All cosmetics. I worked at a cosmetic and fragrance boutique when I was a teenager in the 80s {As you can see, I knew what I wanted to do for a living at a very young age :)} And I used one of my first paychecks to get Paris and I also bought a lipstick a little later on.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, Lisa! xoxo

  6. Happy blog anniversary! It's good to have you back :)

  7. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog today...It's just lovely!
    --Lee Ann
    PS--Chocolat is also one of MY favorite movies, too! Yes, I tracked your back posts quite a ways today! Will stop by again!

    1. thank you, nice to see you here ;-)

  8. So funny, Lisa! Knowing was a favorite of mine too! Totally brings me back to my teen years in my bedroom. Also loved Calvin Klein Obsession at the time and even Opium :)

  9. Happy blog birthday for yesterday! Just discovered your blog - so lovely! x

  10. Wooohooo! Congrats and happy blog birthday! Here's to many more! Also, I am completely captivated by the 'Peking Lady' editorial - the photography is so beautiful!

  11. First of all happy birthday, Lisa! It is incredible how our blogs keep us inspired!
    I absolutely adore the Yves Saint Laurent's nude.
    Baby Dior couture is pretty, pretty...
    The bracelets of Balenciaga have catched my eye. Cool and elegant!

  12. Happy blog birthday Lisa. Thank you for gracing us with two years of stunning interiors, delicious (and easy to follow recipes) and of course, your witty writing. Keep it coming!

    I rarely read fashion magazines any more though given the editorial you shared from Vogue Deutsch, that may change. I like the contrast between the vibrancy of Liu Wen's ensembles and the hazy images. Speaking of Vogue Deutsch, in the last year or so, I've seen a lot of editorials from the magazine on blogs and I really like what they are doing. Vogue Paris used to have that wow-effect but unfortunately it is very commercial. Definitely one to watch.


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