Wednesday, 22 August 2012

notes à la mode 10

Today I would like to revisit Givenchy's runway at the Paris Fashion Week in March this year and the links below are dedicated to Diana Vreeland, who passed away on this day, in 1989.

The autumn/winter collections from fashion houses have always appealed more to me than the spring/summer ones. It probably has something to do with being brought up in Iceland, where the winters are long, and the fact that the autumn colours are my colours. The problem, however, is that when these collections are presented during fashion weeks in the months of February and March, I'm waiting for the arrival of spring and dying to see light and bright colours, simply anything that does not say winter. That said, collections that I would have fallen flat for in autumn could easily escape me in late winter/early spring.

The Givenchy AW12-13 collection is one of them.

Riccardo Tisci showed his ready-to-wear collection in Paris in the beginning of March and I remember seeing leather and a lot of black and brown. I probably took a look at the photos and then ran to the next flower shop to buy something pink to recover! Recently, I viewed the collection again and asked myself: what was I thinking, why didn't I say something about this on the blog?

There really is no need to say much about the collection. The up-close photos above reveal everything about what I can only call impeccable tailoring. Tisci balances well feminine and masculine cuts, the colour palette says autumn/winter loud and clear, and the equestrian style is vivid. The accessories are to my taste. I love the long leather gloves and I find the disc earrings absolutely fantastic.


  Diana Vreeland, often referred to as the High Priestess of Fashion, was born in Paris on 29 July 1903 and she passed away in New York on this day, 22 August, in 1989
  She was a fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar, later the editor in chief of Vogue and then a consultant to the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. To learn more about this extraordinary woman, visit the Diana Vreeland official website or read her witty autobiography, D.V.
  Many of you have already heard about the fashion documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (2011) that soon will be available on DVD. It has the same name as the book by Lisa I. Vreeland that was published by Adams last year. This is the official Facebook page of the film and the book
  If you haven't watched it already, here is the trailer of the documentary

photo credit:
1-12: Monica Feudi for Vogue US
13: Deborah Turbeville for Vogue US, December 1980


  1. Dear Lisa, how nice is to read a book or to watch such a documentary, those were the times of their lives and I say their because I am also into reading about a spledid woman today, Coco. It is amazing how some people really created a new trend, bring something new in this world. Well, those were the times when the initiative was everything, when fashion was just beginning, which was such a great opportunity. Well, please do not understand that I underestimate their creative spirit and their wonderful inspiration, but then fashion did not have a history, now it does and it frightens me sometimes to think that I could have a place there. That silk brown with purple embroidery, the red pleated skirt and those long gloves are really beautiful, thanks for sharing it:*

  2. Flawless tailoring, that feminine-masculine style I love so much brought together through the silky materials and sharp cuts, and everything so beautifully accessorized. I know why I'm looking forward to your Notes a la Mode every week. :)

  3. All those luscious leathers...and that scarlet shade is beautiful! And Ms Vreeland.. what can you say, the woman had vision...:)PS: I didn't getaway with just taking easy at the head of that table! boohoo...:)x

  4. Beautiful tailoring and I'm loving the leather.. the equestrian style. The browns and blacks are gorgeous.

  5. The tailoring is beautiful and combined with luxe textures and fabrics it is a stunning collection. I am going to download the documentary on Diana Vreeland, thank you for the recommendation! xx

  6. The Givenchy collection was absolutely stunning, especially in the way he used the leather, making every piece even more feminine and seductive. I recently read several interviews of Riccardo Tisci and I have a huge admiration of this designer because of his talent, passion and the determination he has put in his career. Bravo!


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