Thursday, 23 August 2012

summer daydreaming

Today I'm daydreaming.

I'm renting a beach house. In between reading I'm dipping my toes into the sea. There is mainly lobster and fruit on the menu. Close by is a marina and the area is excellent for sailing.

Does anyone care to daydream with me?

photo credit:
top-left: James R. Salomon
top-right: Tria Giovan
bottom-left: Colleen Duffley
for Coastal Living


  1. I'm in, of course! As Ada wrote on her blog today, I cannot believe that the summer is almost over...I would happily enjoy a week or two in a beach house like that...even in October!

  2. I do! I would like to spend at least one day at the seaside before the summer is over. That menu sounds delicious! :)

  3. Anything involving a beach and marina sounds perfect to me! I am actually heading to a beach town this weekend to find a place for my daughter to live as she is going to university in a few weeks. xxoo

  4. O yes. Looks like a perfect day at the seaside!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Beautiful images Lisa .. and yes :) I'll day dream about a weekend on the beach!

  6. Sigh, so beautiful! Oh well, just about 9 months until the next summer..! :-)

  7. Absolutely! I will love to dream about a beautiful day at the beach, especially since our summer days are numbered :(
    Fall is quickly approaching!

  8. All this blue, all this nautical inspiration...I want holidays!!

  9. Oh yes, please count me in! That ocean view is just dreamy... xx

  10. It is so cold and wet here - this looks like heaven to me! x Sharon


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