Friday, 14 September 2012

charming spaces: stylish & artistic

The room above is Brooke Shields's family room in her luxurious New York townhouse. It's one of the reasons I decided to share charming spaces on Fridays because so often I browse through interior design magazines or websites, see a house tour that I really like but am drawn to one particular room. Shield's family room is one of them. It looks very elegant and cultural, yet grounded. The choice of chairs interests me because they are such a contrast to the modern feel of the space. In the frames up against the wall there are works by photographers Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe and Adam Fuss, to name a few.

I'm not going to wish you a good weekend just yet because I'll be blogging tomorrow and I have something to share that I think you will like. I'm not going into any details here but let's just say that it's personal and it'll probably make you smile. That is at least the reaction of a few close friends that have already had a preview.

photo credit:
William Waldron for Architectural Digest


  1. I loved Brooke Shields NY home in AD - and this is a beautiful space with all those b&w prints on show. Why can't I have an Avedon on my wall too?:)
    Interested to hear what you're sharing tomorrow.... Have a good one! xPS: what do you mean that yoga pose is easy!!?

  2. I very much like the way the pictures are lined up against the wall, instead of hanging on it as it usually happens. It gives the room a whole new perspective. Oh, I'm sure everyone will enjoy your post tomorrow. ;)

  3. I like how she's used the rustic, weathered chairs in the modern space, it makes it feel much less stuffy and OTT. Happy Friday, Lisa! x

  4. oh, can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow. Brooke Shield's room is amazing. love her collection of photographs. and wanna bet that most of them are originals. *sighs with envy*

  5. What a fabulous space! I really love how she's displayed her photographs. Such a lovely twist.

    Have a great weekend, Lisa! Actually I'll try to stop by tomorrow to see what you have in store but it's often difficult to get connectivity at the beach. That's both a blessing and a curse :) xoxo

  6. I loved seeing Brooke's home in Architectural Digest; she has very "homey" touches throughout. Will look forward to your news tomorrow!


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