Friday, 28 September 2012

charming spaces: white & rustic

Just give me any ingredients and I am ready to spend a day in this white and rustic kitchen cooking up a
storm. You want home-made ice cream for dessert? I'll make it. Cake too? No problem, you can have it.

As much as I love elegant kitchens I find myself more drawn to ones that have a bit of that rustic vibe going
on. I don't know what it is; it just feels more real somehow. I guess it has something to do with me liking
kitchens that are easy to maintain, kitchens that just look very homey. This one is in a house on the French
island Île de Ré, just outside of La Rochelle, which is on the west coast. I love how bright it is and how the
decor is kept to a minimum. It's the food that matters.

How has your week been? I'm ready to give the alarm clock a rest and sleep in just a little. Today I have
prioritised things that need to be done so I can enjoy relaxing this weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with a bit
of Luxembourg. Enjoy your Friday!

photo credit:
Christophe Dugied for Marie Claire Maison


  1. Rustic is beautiful - I wouldn´t have it in my own home but I love to see it in pics like this. Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  2. I like a good mix. modern and rustic. so this one fits perfectly. have a most wonderful Friday :)

  3. I think it has to do with the homey, warm feel those rustic details give. I've always had a soft spot for exposed brick, hard wooden floors and beams and paired with white - it's just perfect. Have a beautiful Friday, Lisa!

  4. As soon as I saw this kitchen it reminded me of a home we were renting in when we first got married - its' the exposed brick and white cabinets mix. Not cold in the least without adornment just a great wooden floorboard too. I love a neat kitchen with everything in its place - more room for looking up recipes and making things ! Have a great weekend Lisa :)x

  5. Or maybe you have grown up in such a kitchen and the feeling is coming back. I know for me it is, it makes me think about the bread and pies that my grandmother baked there...Have a lovely weekend, Lisa!

  6. I like the kitchen you chose - it's very warm and cosy, but also feels modern and fresh. I often get a feeling that people who have very very very modern kitchen don't actually cook that much - imagine cleaning all those stainless steel surfaces? ;)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. i love this kitchen too. the exposed brick, beams, high ceiling, white and bright - it's perfect. i agree about the rustic kitchen. i also love kitchens with a table in them. for me that just feels perfect. this weekend i am looking forward to doing some work so i can be ahead next week. (but that doesn't sound too fun now that i think about it!).

  8. For me, this would be the perfect kitchen in a holiday home by the sea. I'd like to bake cakes there, too!!

  9. Rauðvínsglas, matarilmur og gamall djass - þá verður þetta fullkomið eldhús :)

  10. A very cozy kitchen, indeed; I love the brick walls!
    Have a relaxing weekend,


  11. I am also drawn to rustic kitchens - maybe it's because I prefer more rustic food. I love the exposed brick wall in this one. x Sharon

  12. Love this kitchen! Agree, agree, agree! Love rustic some kitchens!
    Thank you to share this one :-) Always suck a delight to come and read your posts!
    Happy sunday, Eliana

  13. The kitchen of this photo is quite the style I like!


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