Thursday, 20 September 2012

eames chair & ottoman in the bedroom

Can someone tell me why people are hiding their classic furniture in the bedroom? Some of you may remember my recent post on the Egg that also was kept in the bedroom. Shortly after posting it I came across the photo above. That bedroom has really lovely features - I love the mix of white and wood and don't get me started on the swimming pool outside - but what I spotted first were the vintage Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Charles Eames.

The photo is part of a feature in AD of a beautiful Los Angeles home, belonging to fashion designer Jenni Kayne and her husband (click the link below for more). I have always been fascinated with the lounge chair and ottoman in black and, honestly, I don't even remember viewing them in other colours. Then I came across this reproduction of the Eames Ottoman in white and I loved it.

I have now added a set in white to my future wish list but I won't be hiding them in my bedroom. No way!

photo credit:
1: Roger Davies for Architectural Digest


  1. In a perfect world, I would get 2 - one for my bedroom and one to put on display in the living room!

    1. Meghan, you're a genius, that's the best idea I've heard in a long time!
      I have now added two sets to my wish list ;-)

  2. I'm afraid people who hide their classic furniture in the bedroom simply have so much of it that it doesn't matter... if you have a pool in front of your bedroom, what's in your living room? not exclusively Ikea furniture :) even tho the bed looks a little like something you get at Ikea, too...

  3. I'd rather to wake up here. I'm adding this room with adjacent pool to my wish list!

  4. I think I prefer the Ottoman in white too. :) Swimming pool just outside the bedroom: that is my dream bedroom!

  5. Oh I gather some of my favourite pieces in the bedroom too. :) I think because I like looking at them first thing in the morning and just before I fall asleep. :) And if I had a bedroom of this size with all the outdoor space and massive sliding doors, I probably wouldn't see myself in a living room at all.

  6. I loved this home when I saw it... sure why not have designer furniture in the bedroom.. But it's gotta be the black & walnut Eames recliner all the way! :) Wake up in the morning roll out of bed, recline on the chair and hop into the pool... what you mean? Doesn't everyone start they're day like that anymore? :)

  7. This space looks so fresh and neat, love the pool idea outside, makes it so relaxing, great picture and blog!



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