Thursday, 6 September 2012

k&a: couscous salad with lime dressing

Yesterday on the blog I was talking about skin care and I mentioned eating well being one factor in keeping your skin healthy looking. So, today I decided to share a recipe. It is my couscous salad with lime dressing that I just posted on kitchen & aroma. This salad has been my favourite this summer.

It all started with our London trip in June. We bought some snack in the Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street to eat in the car on the way back home. For me I got this really good couscous salad that had chickpeas and a wonderful selection of finely chopped vegetables. It was delicious, especially the dressing, which, by the way, didn't contain lime. While eating it I got a few ideas for my own version of a similar salad and I have been experimenting with different beans and various dressings. This one got a green light from family members. The lime dressing contains spices like garam masala, cardamom and turmeric but of course you can use something else.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful week!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Cous cous... having a renaissance in my home this last winter- looking forward to trying something with a summery twist:)x

  2. I am all for healthy eating, this looks and sounds delicious:)

  3. It looks beautiful! Although I thought, for some reason, that you were avoiding wheat... x

    1. I don't believe I have ever said that I avoid wheat, I simply never use white wheat when baking as spelt flour seems to be better for my digestion.

  4. I like couscous, it is a very convenient meal that you can make in a lot of forms and types, I usually use parsley and tomatoes but I am open to any kind of suggestions :)

  5. Couscous is a wonder for me. Everybody says is very easy to make...I never seem to manage it!
    I will take a look at you recipe though, since I do like the taste & texture of couscous; well, when I eat it other places than my home ; )

    Love the photo by the way!

  6. Whole Foods is one of my favourites! I'm clicking over for your recipe now as I'm starving and haven't planned dinner yet.... :)

  7. A trip to Whole Foods also inspires me! I've been looking for a recipe for a light snack for my weekday lunches - this is perfect! Have a wonderful weekend Lisa!

  8. Mums, this one looks amazing!
    You are quite the chef Lisa :)


  9. This looks delicious Lisa, thank you for the recipe! I need to give this one a try! xx


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