Tuesday, 25 September 2012

new pillowcases

It will soon be time to start using our winter duvets and because they are not of the same size as our summer ones, I cannot use the same bedlinen. I'm getting a little tired of the ones we use in winter and would like to buy new ones. I don't want anything bold but as I was searching online I came across Adele pillowcases (I love the name!) from Sanderson that gave me an idea. Instead of buying a new set I could buy new pillowcases only and mix it up like that. I really like this idea of using both stripes and floral prints for the pillows. All our duvet covers have a solid light colour and the throw too so this would be an ideal way to give the bedroom just a little pop of colour.

To me this mix of pillowcases also feels a bit summery and romantic, which is nice when the cold really starts kicking in. What do you think? What kind of bedlinen do you go for?

photo credit:
via Fields


  1. I think the stripe pillowcases work really well as they prevent the floral from feeling too twee or old fashioned. A great mix!

  2. That's a beautiful combination, Lisa. La Redoute have a great range of bed linens including patterns similar to the one on the photo I buy something there whenever I fancy a change without going broke. :)

  3. These are lovely, Lisa. I like how summery they feel and the combination of stripes with florals. I either go for plain or striped bedlinen, but would welcome a change.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I think the combination is lovely! .. and I say do whatever will brighten your day as winter sets in. My colors stay neutral year round and I add throw and pillows for the winter.

  5. That is just the most beautiful bedding Lisa! I am usually all about all white on the bed, but you're causing me to reconsider--and I do need some new sheet! There's nothing better than crawling into beautiful sheets!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I am actually looking for new bed linens now and I love the floral/stripes combination, they are gorgeous! xxoo

  7. Can you believe that apart from a handful of nights, we have used our winter duvet all throughout summer??!! I love the whole floral/strip combination, new colourful bedding is on my wish list as we tend to have all white.

  8. I don't think I would use blue for winter. I generally prefer warmer colours for the cold season. otherwise it looks great.

    1. Petra, I'm not going for blue, it's only the stripes/floral print combination that fascinates me, so here is hoping that I find a good colour

  9. Those pillowcases are lovely! I use white sheets all year around and prefer them. I like accent pieces like an ikat chevron blanket but I really do love my white sheets :)


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