Wednesday, 12 September 2012

notes à la mode 13

The other day I was searching for something on Pinterest when I came across the photo above and completely fell for its colour combination. I didn't even notice the brand right away; it was the beautiful play of autumn/winter colours and contrasting ones that captured me, and also the model's gorgeous red hair. The photo is part of the Mischa autumn 2012 ad campaign. Honestly, I had almost forgotten all about actress Mischa Barton and her handbag adventure, which she started in 2008 (she was the leading actress in The O.C. series and I think the show died soon after she left it). By the way, the bag featured in the campaign ad is a rabbit grey Nielson Grab and it's also available in black.

When it comes to bags I tend to go for a simple design. I have never been much for bags with external pockets unless they are very neat. I was viewing some of Mischa's bags when I found this blush coloured Allen Across Body. The design has that neat quality that I like. In the autumn I'm more for bags in dark colours but maybe all that spring fashion we are seeing on the runway is having its effects because I'm smitten with that beautiful blush colour. I may come back to Mischa's bags in another post but now it's time to head to New York.

Are you following the NYFW? As I have simply been rather busy I cannot say that I'm following very thoroughly but I like looking at maybe two or three collections per day and taking them in a little. I'm not going to write any long reviews about the collections but there are a few photos and links that I would like to share.

I found the Alexander Wang spring/summer 2013 collection visually refreshing and interesting and I love Wang's take on the gladiator boots. The above photo from the show was captured by The Sartorialist. It's such a beautiful angle.

This is not the first time that the design of Victoria Beckham appears on my blog. Her design has really grown well on me and it doesn't take an expert to see how she has evolved as a designer. Her spring/summer collection won't disappoint anyone that likes her signature design, the elegant figure-hugging dresses. Personally, I find the carefree look in the second two photos more appealing, and I love the fact that there is something for everyone in her collection.

The Marc Jacob show was something special and most of the runway photos I have seen so far don't do the spring/summer collection justice. It had that sixties vibe and because of the stripes and geometric patterns this is a show that has to be watched on video (it's a short one) to see what it's all about. The below photo is one of the best ones I have seen so far, the models look more like sculptures. It's another amazing angle by The Sartorialist.


  I have been adding a few photos from the NYFW on to one of my fashion boards on Pinterest and will continue to do so during this fashion week season. It's nothing much, usually just two photos from a particular show
  I would like to end this post with fashion related books. I have been linking to Scott Schuman in this post and just want to say that the second volume of his book is now available. It's called The Sartorialist: Closer
  I would really like to browse through Vogue: The Editor's Eye. It will be published in the beginning of October and I get the feeling it will find its way to my wish list
  The book I am eagerly waiting for is the autobiography of Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue US. It will be published in November and it's simply called Grace: A Memoir

photo credit:
1: Mischa Handbags on Pinterest
available at Collectables
2: Alexander Wang / The Sartorialist
3-4: Alexander Wang / Monica Feudi for Vogue US
5-8: Victoria Beckham / Marcus Tondo + Filippo Fior for Vogue US
9: Marc Jacobs / The Sartorialist


  1. I've been snatching snippets of shows (a dress here, a shoe there) during NYFW too.. so much to take in and it's only the beginning of the circuit! I like those Alexander wang looks and have only just seen Victoria Beckhams range which surprised me - I like. I think Grace Coddington's memoir will be a huge success for her! :)x

  2. Scott's photos from the NYFW are simply the best. Whenever I view the runway images on or I have the feeling I'm missing out on a lot. By the way, I've already ordered his book. :) I love that signature silhouette of Victoria Beckham and the cut-out dresses at Alexander Wang.

  3. Be still my heart - I LOVE the graphic style in the last pic, so darn stylish! :-)

  4. I am with you about the gladiator sandals, just lovely! And thank you very much for the books idea! While enjoying the tea under a blanket, it is so good to have such supplies, Lisa! Have a great evening :*

  5. I love the navy paired with the chocolate/bronze at the top Lisa! .. and the white bag.. gorgeous. My favorite here is VB.. gorgeous white blouses.. she has really evolved as a designer and I like where she's going.


  6. I'm a huge fan of Victoria Beckham...her eye for detail is exceptional and her designs so elegant..the nude dress is beyond beautiful she really has hit back at her critics in the best way....with amazing STYLE!
    Thanks for popping by Lisa, always lovely to hear from you.

  7. I have to admit that I completely forgot about her line too. I honestly can't believe it's still around. Bravo to her. I just flipped through the site and found quite a few that I like.

    And I haven't had much time to closely follow the shows. The past few weeks have been so hectic. But I have, like you, been trying to look at a few each day. I really loved Marc Jacobs & Victoria Beckham keeps getting better in my book. I'm really impressed with how she's evolved.

    And I'm definitely looking forward to Grace's book. I've already pre-ordered it :)

    Hope you're having a good week, Lisa! xoxo

  8. I've been trying to keep up with all of the shows + too loved Alexander Wang + Victoria Beckham. I also loved Carolina Herrera + thought the dresses were incredible from Oscar de la Renta. I would love to read The Sartorialists' new book + Grace Coddington's book I'm sure will be amazing too xx

  9. I seriously cannot keep up with any part of the fashion week, although I have been following along with the deliciousness on blogs.

  10. I always take the lazy way out and wait for either you or Ada to post about Fashion Week (rather than actively following it). Victoria Beckham is proving herself to be one of my favourites! Love the items you featured!

  11. I love the first photo - I agree, those colours pair very well together!

    I am impressed with Victoria Beckham's fashion line -- she has come a long way.


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