Wednesday, 19 September 2012

notes à la mode 14

The London Fashion Week has now come to an end and I still have so much catching up to do. I haven't had the time to view half of the shows at LFW so at this point I don't have a list of favourites. If you are interested in the collections shown at LFW but too busy to view them all then Lisa Armstrong at the Telegraph has a good summary with some photos.

The show I was waiting for was Mary Katrantzou's spring/summer 2013 collection and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This talented girl of Greek origin with her amazing prints is like a breath of fresh air on the runway. Her design is so unique. Have you ever seen clothes with postage stamps and banknotes before? If you haven't, then view her collection, especially the close-ups to get a really good view of the prints. (I have been clicking the refresh button all morning on The Sartorialist blog as I was hoping that he would post photos from her show that I could use. I couldn't wait any longer so if he does then I will simply have to pin them.)

There was so much to love at the Mulberry show and I had considerable difficulty choosing which photos to use in my post, as I didn't want to drown you in photos. I find their spring/summer 2013 collection shown at the LFW absolutely gorgeous and Emma Hill, their creative director, is my new favourite person. Okay, the list is long; I love creative people.

The clothes ... the bags ... the belts ... the colour palette ... be still my beating heart. Words aren't needed here; please watch this short video and you will see what I mean.

There wouldn't be any fashion shows without the people attending them. Here are just a few shots from London and New York by Nam of Streetfsn and Phil Oh.


  The Sartorialist took this wonderful photo of Bill Cunningham at the Ralph Lauren show at the NYFW, wearing his classic blue jacket and Nikon. Pinning it wasn't enough; I had to include here
  Giles Deacon put on quite a show at LWF. I love being entertained like that
  I was drawn to the the details and colours of this Erdem dress that he showed at the LFW - so pretty
  I really enjoyed Garance Doré's Pardon My French video Lunch at Miss Lily's. A lunch with girlfriends can be just the best

photo credit:
1-5: Mary Katrantzou / Gianni Pucci + Marcus Tondo for Vogue US
6-11: Mulberry / Yannis Vlamos +  Alessandro Viero for Vogue US
12: LFW / Nam of Streetfsn
13: NYFW / Nam of Streetfsn
14-16: Phil Oh for Vogue US
17: The Sartorialist


  1. I loved Mary Katrantzou's show ... before I read the review or any explanation I spotted the stamps immediately then I was trying to make out the other print (bank notes) and it actually looked kinda islander 'tiki' style to me.. I loved the colour and the styling! I haven't seen any Mulberry images yet and I think there is one more show I've missed but I'll get onto that tonight:) PS: of course, you can move right into that apartment and start cooking!

  2. I've seen much of LFW and one of my favourites is undoubtedly Mary Katrantzou. Her prints are so unique and beautiful. I haven't seen that photo of Bill Cunningham yet, love it! I guess I'll have to pin it. I have those three street style photos saved in my files as well. The second one is so classy.

  3. Oh we like the same collections, although I did pick a couple more :) I saw your post yesterday, but choose not to open the link because I was blogging about the same subject - it was fun to wait until today and compare. :)
    Oh, by the way, don't think picture 2 of the streetstyle is London - it's actually New York (check the traffic lights - not British) and I actually know the girl on a photo. :) Was such a great surprise to see the pic (put a huge smile on my face) - thank you for sharing it! :)

    1. Thank you Natalia for pointing that out. I've updated the post. There are no titles on Nam's blog posts which can sometimes be a little confusing. How funny that you know the girl in the photo ;-)

  4. I haven't seen much from LFW or Milan as yet, but your selection here is beautifully summed up. I do love the rich patterns from Mary Katrantzou and Mulberry is always a favourite of mine. I have some catching up to do! xx


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