Wednesday, 31 October 2012

notes à la mode 19

I thought about whether to post these photographs under NOTES À LA MODE or not because to me they are more about the photography than fashion; they have that balance between the artistic and fashion side that appeals to me. The clothes do play a role but it's not only about the clothes. These are part of an editorial called 'L’Ange Noir' that was captured by Ben Hassett for Numéro, issue #137.

If you are tired of the clichés and messages that the glossy magazines seem to deliver then perhaps Numéro is a magazine for you. "[It] was founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Djian [launched in 1999] ... When asked why she created Numero, Djian commented, 'I was bored with magazines that told me how to seduce a man. I wanted to create this magazine for an intelligent, smart woman who wants to read about art, design, music: not about stupidity – creams that take away wrinkles, you know, which is stupid'" (Wikipedia).

photo credit:
Ben Hassett for Numéro #137 | Anne Vyalitsyna in 'L’Ange Noir' styled by Patti Wilson
via Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

paris: jardin du luxembourg

I think it is safe to say that the Luxembourg garden is one of the finest gardens in Paris. The garden is located in the 6th district and at the north end of it is the Senate building, Le Sénat. It has some beautiful statues; the Medici statue in the top photo is probably the one that attracts the most. There are benches and chairs spread all over the garden, which adds to the pleasure of taking a moment there to breathe and enjoy the scenery. It truly is a peaceful area.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

Monday, 29 October 2012

paris: la tour eiffel

"I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am."
Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923)      

I hope none of you is getting tired of Paris because I enjoy revisiting it through my photos. Today I was in the mood for the ideal Paris cliché, the Eiffel Tower. From the Esplanade du Trocadéro nothing blocks the view of the tower. When you walk up the steps from the metro and you pass the corner, the tower is there in all its glory. I went there all by myself in the morning on my second day and I admit that my heart started beating faster when I saw it. I'm sure I let out at least one sigh.

Besides me there were only a few tourists and policemen. I had seen the tower from a distance the day before but on that morning, up close, it looked so real and it felt as if it was saying: "Bienvenue à Paris! ... By the way, what took you so long?"

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and that the new week is starting off well!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

Friday, 26 October 2012

charming spaces: merci concept store in paris

In my CHARMING SPACES posts I only post a photo of one particular room but today I'm giving you a sneak peek inside the Merci concept store in Paris, located in the 3rd district. In was on my list of places to visit and it was everything I thought it would be and even more. They have a wonderful selection of products: stationery, homeware, clothes, bedlinen and more. Everything is displayed beautifully and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. There is an in-store café as well and there is also a café/restaurant next to the store. I bought a few kitchenware pieces in Merci and only know that I'll have to return one day to get some more.

Merci, 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

Thursday, 25 October 2012

paris: a peek inside the charming 4th

I'm having a busy day and instead of leaving the blog empty I'm giving you a little peek inside the charming 4th district in Paris. Walking its streets was a pure delight; always something interesting to catch the eye.

If notebooks, stationery and anything related to paper and writing interest you, and you find yourself in the 4th, please go to Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe and visit two boutiques, Papier + at No. 9 and Melodies Graphiques across the street at No. 10. In Papier + you will find notebooks, stationery and everything that has to do with paper. It's a small shop with a wonderful atmosphere. The Melodies Graphiques boutique has a different atmosphere, equally as wonderful. I bought a calligraphy set and a bottle of ink in there, which I'm so happy with. I will definitely be going back on my next trip to Paris.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

notes à la mode 18

I thought about skipping NOTES À LA MODE this week and stick to my Paris photos only but I just couldn't resist posting these. They are such a wonderful reminder of my recent trip. I didn't stay at Hôtel Plaza Athénée but I did see the Eiffel Tower, I walked in the garden of the Palais Royal and I believe I crossed the Seine river a few times.

These images are from an editorial called 'Une Journée à Paris' that appeared in the October issue - the 26th anniversary issue - of Harper's Bazaar China. Model Miao Bin Si was photographed in Paris by Yin Chao. Please note special guest Didier Grumbach, Chairman of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, in the photo below.

photo credit:
Yin Chao for Harper’s Bazaar China, October 2012 | Miao Bin Si in 'Une Journée à Paris' styled by Fan Xiaomu

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

paris: place des vosges & le café chinois

How does one describe Paris? Which adjectives does one use? Honestly, I have no idea. I think I have already overused the words beautiful, gorgeous and stunning on the blog, and they all apply. I think it's simply best to say that Paris is Paris and leave it at that.

Let me add that there is no such thing as one Paris, except on a map. Each district has its own identity, and I have only been to a few of them. Today I'm sharing photos from Place des Vosges, which is the oldest planned square in the city, situated on the line where the 3rd district meets the 4th. As you know, I met Rachel of the Little Bits of Lovely blog in Paris. I don't want to speak for Rachel, as I'm quite certain she will be sharing her Paris experience on her blog, but we often mentioned during our walks how the city was constantly changing. Sometimes one can feel a difference just by going from one street to the next, and as soon as you get away from the too touristy spots, that is where the magic happens. Strike that. I think you can find magic in the touristy spots too but maybe there is more magic in the less touristy areas.

I am not going to give you a history lesson on Place des Vosges, but I dare you to read about it and visit if you are going to Paris. What I loved about the square was not just the beautiful symmetry but how quiet it was. Rachel and I had met at the Saint Paul metro station on Rue de Rivoli, a busy street that gets noisier with every step you take to the west. We were heading east and the further away from the metro we walked, the quieter the city became. As soon as we turned into Rue de Birague there was silence and at the end of the street we could see the arched entrance in the top photo.

I have heard people say time seems to have stopped in Place des Vosges and by going there you get to experience the old Paris. I cannot really judge if that is the case, I think it's better to say that the square is free of stress. In a way it's protected from the bustling city by its surrounding buildings that all look the same. From the square we went to Merci, a great concept store, which happens to be close by. We passed through the arched entrance on the opposite side and found ourselves in the 3rd district, in Rue du Béarn, where we found the lovely Le café chinois.

After some shopping in Merci it was time to go for lunch so we walked back to Rue du Béarn. Le café chinois was packed and we had to wait for a table. It was totally worth it. After all the French food we had enjoyed it was nice to get a good vegetarian meal and a glass of fresh juice - think ginger and hibiscus.

Le Café Chinois is a salon de thé but they serve what they call slow lunch between 12 and 15 and you won't find any heavy steaks on the menu, it's all curry and rice. The smell is wonderful and the dishes are inexpensive. It's one of those unpretentious places and they also have a little boutique behind one wall with items from Asia. I highly recommend this place.

Le café chinois, 7 rue du Béarn, 75003 Paris
open Tuesday - Saturday from 12-18:30
slow lunch from 12-15

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

Saturday, 20 October 2012

paris: 6ème charm

Paris was as beautiful and wonderful as I had expected it to be and in a way I felt I was home. I cannot explain it any other way. There was not enough time to visit every district but I felt I was visiting many cities within one and each had its charm. The food was delicious and the people watching was delightful. I was especially fond of the 6th (my lovely hotel was there) and Le Marais.

I need to go through my photos but I took this one after heavy showers on Rue Saint Sulpice in the 6th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit: 
Lisa Hjalt

Monday, 15 October 2012

à bientôt!

If you only knew how long I have waited to post that photo! Actually, I was going to post it tomorrow as I'm not going to Paris until very very early on Wednesday morning, but there are some things I need to do before I leave so my blog break starts a day earlier.

Have a wonderful week everyone. À bientôt!

photo credit:
Santiago Esteban for Vogue Spain, January 2011 | Erin Wasson in 'Rock'n Erin' styled by Inmaculada Jimenez

Saturday, 13 October 2012

drawing with light 08

This day started well, with an early breakfast, a trip to the hair salon and then browsing through the latest issues in a magazine shop. I'm using the weekend to prepare a little for Paris. Yes, I'm going there next week. The initially planned trip with a close friend from back home had to be postponed until spring and instead I will be meeting Rachel of the Little Bits of Lovely blog. My hotel is on Rue Jacob in the 6th district, with Ladurée and Café de Flore very close by, which comes in handy if it will be raining the whole time.

Have a wonderful weekend dear readers and blog friends!

photo credit:
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Paris, October 2012 | Arizona Muse in 'New Kid in Town' styled by Anastasia Barbieri

Friday, 12 October 2012

charming spaces: scandinavian design

Today I'm continuing with Scandinavian design. This charming space - white, bright, modern and minimalistic - appeals to me; the no-clutter look always appeals to me. I can only imagine how cosy it is to sit there with the fire burning so there is no need for much decor. The table is called Essay and is a Cecilie Manz design. She is one of Denmark's young and well-known designers. The chairs are the CH24 by Hans J. Wegner, also called The Wishbone or Y. Wegner designed the Y in 1949 and it has been produced without interruption since 1950.

Soon I have to attend a meeting at the children's school. Until then I'm sitting in my kitchen enjoying a latte and home-made dried fruit confectionery while listening to Beth Orton singing Last Leaves of Autumn from her new album Sugaring Season. In my mind, it's the perfect autumn song. I'm also wondering where the week went! Wasn't it Friday like the day before yesterday?

photo credit:
Line Klein for