Friday, 5 October 2012

charming spaces: books & antiques

Today's space is this library room/home office that to me looks very inviting: books in white shelves, plenty of wood and beautiful and white French windows. The table is English and antique and the chairs are vintage sewing chairs. The owner, screenwriter Paul Attanasio (producer of House M.D. with his wife), says they lend the office the air of a workshop.

How has this week treated you? It's been a good week but I feel like it has flown by. After taking the children to school this morning in mild rainy weather I cut some roses in the garden for the kitchen and living room. Now it is time for latte, candlelight and good music before doing some work. Currently I'm listening to Cohen's song Hallelujah performed by Damien Rice. I'm wishing you a beautiful day!

photo credit:
David O. Marlow for Architectural Digest, December 2006


  1. I like the wooden ladder and the wall-to-wall books - very cosy.

    This has been a busy week for me so I'm looking forward to the weekend a lot!

    Have a good one, Lisa! xx

  2. it's been a busy week, but not too bad. happy weekend xxx

  3. Oh, gorgeous. A place like this is perfect to working, relaxing, reading or coocking? Why not?! I'd like to have a kitchen full of books,.... and not necessary cooking recipe books.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa. Xxx

  4. The chairs and table really lend a lovely old school charm to this wonderful space.
    I can't believe how quickly this week flew by.

    Have a splendid weekend Lisa!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Such a lovely look, although I wonder what it would've been to sew in those chairs, they look a little hard! Loving the Damien Rice song, you always have the best music links :) Hope you have a lovely weekend Lisa,
    xo Mary Jo

  6. This room calls for a rainy day. :) It's been a busy week, but I like being busy. It's now time to enjoy a quiet evening at home. :)

  7. I could spend all day in there. Agree with Ada about it being perfect for a rainy day!

  8. oh, if i only had a space like this in my house, i swear i would get more work done ; ) i work from home but even still i look forward to the weekends, no school, no required schedule, no deadlines. i usually meander from doing work for the week ahead and just taking it easy with my little ones. lots of walks for our weekend as it's been beautiful here! xx

  9. I love rooms like this one with wall to ceiling book shelves, this is our plan for the attic when we finally get around to completing the work!
    My week just flew by too, Is appears the older we get the less time we seem to have each day:(
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.
    Wendy x


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