Tuesday, 2 October 2012

k&a: carrot muffins + chic files

I thought I would balance out yesterday's contemporary post with something home-made from my kitchen. Quite a contrast, wouldn't you agree? I just posted my carrot muffins recipe on kitchen & aroma.

As you know, I never post personal photos on my blog. I have nothing against it; it's just not who I am. Early in spring my friend Ada, who writes the beautiful and stylish Classiq blog, asked me to be in her Chic Files series. Her questions have always interested me and like I said, she is my friend, so I thought, why not, this could be fun. I asked her to give me time; allow me to move to Luxembourg and settle just a bit. Then it was time to do something about the post so I asked my oldest daughter to snap a few photos of me in the garden on a beautiful autumn day in what you could call my signature outfit. And I included my bicycle. There was no need to dress up for this post or ask Peter Lindbergh to fly in and handle the photo shoot! The post is now up and running and you can view it on Classiq.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. You have such a talent for food styling, Lisa. :) Off to check out the recipe.
    Thank you for accepting my invitation and for your wonderful contribution to my Chic Files series. :)

  2. Mjög gaman að lesa. Mér finnst gaman að fá smá personal touch í bloggin sem ég er að lesa. Mér finnst fólk svo áhugavert. Líklega eftir margra ára starf í mannauðsdeild. En takk fyrir að leyfa okkur að kíkja smá.
    Kær kveðja til Lúx!

  3. Oh I am off to check them both! So happy to get a chance to see and learn more about you and those muffins look yummy (I love carrots, I must have been a bunny in one of my past lives :D )

  4. Yummm.... I'd love to try your recipe - I actually made carrot & apple cakes last week! I've seen the Chic Files post at Ada's.. liking your answers and that Marilyn quote too! :)PS: yes, must add spinach & ricotta tart recipe somewhere.. v easy!

  5. Lisa, you are adorable with your white bike;) And I love your quote, even if you are not living on fashion quotes ;)Hm...I tried a carrot raw vegan muffin receipt last weekend, but the result was not what I expected for...so I will go back to baked muffins ;) Kisses

  6. i love you blog. from CHILE

  7. Your daughter is a good photographer!

    And your style is nearly my style!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Good to finally see "Latte Lisa" ~ Enjoyed your photos and interview on "Classiq" blog!

  9. LOVELY! you are so kind! I am going over there to see you and about you!
    Happy week, Eliana

  10. It was great to get to know you a bit better and I love your style. I also don't know how you manage to keep 4 blogs going -you must be superwoman! X Sharon

  11. ha, great post about you. and great to get to know more about you :)

  12. Loved the feature, loved seeing you! Happy new week, Lisa!


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