Monday, 1 October 2012

table design: glas italia

Welcome to the month of October! Today I'm sharing my latest contemporary crush, tables from
Glas Italia. The images have something do with my crush. It all started with the photo above of a
Surface Dining Table designed by Piero Lissoni. I was drawn to the rectangular and square shape
and how beautiful the table looked in that raw environment.

That led me to other Glas Italia tables and I was hooked. This is just part of what I found.

The coffee table above is called Atlantis Bassi, designed by Lorenzo Arosio. In the description they
mention formal purity, sobriety, and sophisticated craftsmanship and I couldn't have chosen better

The Hub Bistrot Table is also a Piero Lissoni design. The top and base are available in lacquered
glass or opaque satin glass. I love the styling in that photo.

Another piece I fell for is the elegant Si02-Bridge Desk designed by Piero Lissoni, Marc Krusin and
Carlo Tamborini. This desk comes in lacquered glass and one can choose the colour of the bottom
glass and upper glass.

Sometimes I wish I could have more than one home and decorate each differently, and then let it
depend on my mood where I would spend the day.

photo credit:
via Harrogate Interiors


  1. Hi Lisa. Hope you had a very nice weekend. I'm delighted of your today proposal. This tables have an amazing design. i love the simple lines and materials like glass. The transparency and lightness in furniture catch always my eye so thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday!

  2. I used to work for a high-end Italian design house and everyday was spent walking through the showroom surrounded in stunning furniture pieces - I do miss it! It has totally skewed my interior aesthetic nowadays... these are quite beautiful. And yes the styling has alot to do with it too...:) Hope you had a lovely weekend - PS: Your book sounds divine!!!x

  3. I like to look at glass tables, but I don't like the noise you hear when you put something on it!

    ♥ Franka

  4. It is funny because last night I was admiring a glass work place and I was asked if I like better the wooden desk. I said "No, I would totally go for this glass black desk!" These are some lovely design items, Lisa, you always find the most amazing pieces ;)

  5. I adore glass furniture so much because it doesn't "cut" the space, but rather blends into it seamlessly. The only problem is that sometimes those can be difficult to keep spotless, especially when there are little kids around. :) We had a glass kitchen table in the past, I loved it so much, but it had to go after we moved homes - still miss it a lot.

  6. I've always wanted a glass kitchen table in a round shape. I like the industrial feel in the photos above. xo

  7. Lots of inspiration in this post - love the floor in the third pic! :-)

  8. oh, beautiful finds!!! what's on for tomorrow? can't wait!

    happy monday xxx

  9. glass tables are wonderful.. they work almost anywhere. great pics lisa and I like your comment about having multiple homes. I enjoy so many different styles of home decor .. from all whites to dark antiques :)

    Have a great start to a new week!


  10. those are gorgeous! love the lighting in the photos as well. xo

  11. These are just so much sharper and classier than anything you can get in acrylic. I love how they have been styled as quite masculine and industrial!


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