Thursday, 1 November 2012

brighter shade than pale 02

Welcome to the month of November! Today is All Saints' Day, which is a national holiday in Luxembourg. The children have an autumn break this week, which allows us to take it easy. We are mainly reading, watching DVDs and putting our art supplies to good use. This day always reminds me of the time we lived in Antwerp because close to our home was a cemetery that looked more beautiful at this time of the year. People would bring flowers to the graves and there were people selling flowers by the entrances.

I enjoy living in Luxembourg but today I'm going to allow myself to miss Antwerp just a little.

Today I'm also making my apple cake and hot chocolate, both served with whipped cream - yummy! I have promised my son to watch with him LOTR: The Return of the King so I believe today will be a good day. What are you guys up to? Do you have a day off from work?

photo credit:
1: Sharyn Cairns for Home Life | styling Indianna Foord via Kiyoaki/Tumblr / 2: Braden Perkins via Design*Sponge / 3: Mikkel Vang via The New Victorian Ruralist / 4: Sharyn Cairns for Home Life via The Design Traveller


  1. I do have today off work (the whole week actually since it´s Fall break from school) and I´ve enjoyed a slow start with the rascals. Now however, they´ve ran out to play with their friends. :-)

    Love the pics you´ve found, wonderful!

  2. Wonderful images!

    I also like this week off from work!
    working in the house - exhibition in Frankfurt - surfing in the internet - reading - going to town ...

    ♥ Franka

  3. Sounds like a cozy day for you over there! We are having a cool and dreary Fall day here, buy counting our blessings since the horrible storm we've recently endured. Enjoy your week off...send some hot chocolate(Belgian, I'm assuming...)this way!


  4. Lovely collage, Lisa! You know I'm craving apple pie now, don't you? :) I hope you've enjoyed a relaxing day with the kids.

  5. happy holiday. we have a day off as well :)


  6. Your day sounds wonderful and I love love love the idea of that cake... :) It will be the time for the LOTR here soon, too... One of our Christmas movies. :)


  7. P.S. Forgot to say that I adore the photos you chose for this post. x

  8. Your day sounds lovely, Lisa. I've been glued to my laptop working on mag features all day. Tired now and headed out for a bite to eat, so that's a nice way to end the day! :)

  9. Dear Lisa, I thought of you when I saw this virtual tour of Antwerp on ( Just to indulge in other 5 minutes of nostalgia...


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