Monday, 12 November 2012

brighter shade than pale 03

Welcome to a brand new week! Did you enjoy a good weekend? I think it's safe to say that mine was quite relaxing; I didn't even leave the house. I mainly spent the weekend on the living room sofa with my notebooks, books and magazines on the footstool, and on a tray next to my stuff was either a cup of coffee or tea. I call this sophisticated laziness. Let me just add that I did get up yesterday to make pancakes, which family members devoured.

In my opinion, weekends like that are essential.

photo credit:
1-2: Lexington Company via Trendwelt / 3: Amy Merrick / 4: Michael Haverland Architect via Sfgirlbybay


  1. Oh, the mood in that first photo. Perfect autumn. I spent an indulging weekend too, but all the weekend s spent at my parents' are so relaxing and invigorating. :)

  2. yes, that sounds like a wonderful weekend. happy monday xo

  3. Holy moly - those windows are killing me with their perfection, love it! :-)

  4. Sophisticated elegance, I love this term! I wish I'd spent mine that way too! Sound so invigorating =)

  5. A perfect weekend, Lisa...and I agree essential ;-)
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  6. I'm all for sophisticated laziness - I'm just glad it's got a name now! Love the Lexington bedlinen. x Sharon

  7. I did the same... only I also have an ipad for the movies. Shame it was over so soon. xxx

  8. It sounds wonderful and relaxing Lisa. Other than meeting a friend yesterday for lunch, the new James Bond, and dinner out--I did the same this weekend and much of today :) I love that last image--it looks like the perfect place to relax!

    xo Mary Jo


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