Friday, 23 November 2012

charming spaces: dining room with a soul

This Friday's charming space is a dining room in Paris, with white glass doors that open into the living room. I'm calling it a dining room with a soul because the paintings are by a friend of the owners, Sebastianne Fourreau, and the lighting, by the German designer Ingo Maurer, has been decorated with personal quotes and drawings.

Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Antoine Baralhé for Le Journal de la Maison



  1. A beautiful painting always makes such a huge difference! Gorgeous room!

    Have a great day and lovely weekend, Lisa!


  2. I love how the lighting has been decorated with personal quotes and drawings - what an interesting, conversational piece. Happy Friday, Lisa! x

  3. OH Lisa I absolutely adore that lamp - it is stunning:)
    Happy weekend sweets,

  4. I like how you call it. The lighting is quite a piece of art itself!


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