Friday, 2 November 2012

charming spaces: earthy & modern

I couldn't find the source of this photo and, therefore, wasn't sure whether I should post it, but the space is simply too charming not to. It's an Orlando Diaz-Azcuy design and let's just hope the photo originates from his website, which is currently under development. It could also be from the book Orlando Diaz-Azcuy by Diane Dorrens Saeks. What appeals to me the most about this space is the balance between earthy and modern elements; in my opinion this is design perfection.

Today is the last day of the autumn break and it's also Friday, which means pizza day in this house. The routine starts again on Monday so we plan to enjoy this weekend. On the agenda is a visit to the library to get us some DVDs and I'm going to see if my friends in Habitat have the candles we need to embrace the colder days. I need at least two big ones to put on one of the coffee tables and the dining table. I would also like to find a new throw for my chaise lounge. I saw a brown one on their website that I really liked so let's see it if they have it.

Do you have any plans?

photo credit:
unknown source via Aesthetically Thinking


  1. It looks so cosy. I want to snuggle on a sofa by the fireplace with a stack of magazines and books and a bowl of roasted chestnuts. :)

  2. It's a perfect room, Lisa. I love the colour scheme and the thought of having a real fire in a room (it just smells COZY!)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy candle shopping!

  3. it's beautiful. you're right. it's a great mix between modern and rustic, well balanced. and the flowers... that's pure luxury. I rarely ever treat myself to a bunch that size. I love it. one day I'll have a garden and my place is filled with flowers all the time!


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