Tuesday, 20 November 2012

coffee break & grass-widowhood

I am taking a long coffee break in a very foggy weather, reading my new magazines while dipping chocolate almond biscotti into my coffee and devouring incredibly tasty clementines. I had to go grocery shopping yesterday and I had to restrain myself from hugging the pile of clementines when I spotted it. I love clementines! The magazine shop was too tempting so after a little browsing in there I brought home the December issues of Art & Décoration and Vogue Germany. In the former I'm reading a short article on Brussels. It has plenty of photos of beautiful architectural details and I'm realising that I didn't visit Brussels enough while living in Belgium. There are so many places there that I haven't been to.

Are you familiar with the term grass widow? A left for Switzerland on Sunday to attend a workshop and he is staying for three weeks. That makes me a grass widow. Well, I got an email from him this morning where he said he might be able to come home this weekend, which would be nice. My son is sleeping on his father's side these days; telling me stories before we go to sleep and falling asleep in the middle of a sentence. Priceless moments.

How is this Tuesday treating you?


photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Grass widow :)))how funny, Lisa! Well, it sounds better than the black widow, right? I always had the impression that Bruxelles is not such a beautiful city, I only passed through it when heading to Amsterdam, but maybe I have to read this article, too ;) Enjoy your biscuits (drooling here)

  2. I've never heard that expression before...but so cute you have a personalised story teller before you go to sleep in the meantime. mmm biscotti !:)

  3. I know that expression from you from last year. ;) Your son telling you stories before you go to sleep, that is priceless!

  4. i have never heard that expression before! lovely moments, nighttime stories, magazine reading, expected visits :)

  5. Hello, dear Lisa,
    I'm coming from Demie in Norway to your marvellous place here. Wonderful! I love to have coffee breaks, too, especially with a nice mag.

    I like your photos and your thoughts a lot.

    By the way: In German grass widow means 'Strohwitwe'... maybe from a time when they slept on grass?


    1. Thank you Ariane.
      In Iceland (where I come from) we use that term 'grass widow' a lot and when I mentioned it on my blog last year there weren't many that had heard it before.

  6. It's probably a Scandinavian term, in Sweden we say the same!

    You reminded me that it's been too long since I had a long coffee break spent with a beautiful glossy magazine. Really need that as November is as grey as ever - but not long till Christmas now, can't wait.

  7. Dear Lisa, I hope you are well! Please let me know if you fancy a tour of Brussels and I would love to take a 'fashionable' walk together!

  8. This made me miss my interior magazines!

    I used to have like 12 subscriptions, then I thought that was overdoing it a little, and now I must have cancelled them all because I don't get any magazines these days! Off to order 1 or 2 then I guess :)

    Have a nice evening :)

  9. sounds lovely! Tuesday was a great day for me, hope it was for you too!



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