Wednesday, 28 November 2012

notes à la mode 23

Earlier this year I introduced the Icelandic slow fashion label ELLA on the blog with, as some of you may remember, an ELLA fragrance giveaway. This is the latest campaign from Elinros Lindal and her team of designers in Iceland. Vetur in Icelandic means winter.

I love the coat and I think I would also be dancing in the street if I had that awesome hat.


  I wasn't going to include links today but I changed my mind yesterday when I found a message from my cousin Helga of the SoupDesign blog (she also designs the layout for the e-magazine Home & Delicious). She sent me this interesting link to an illustrated Ink Fabric editorial (D&G preview to the right). It was Andrew Ivaskiv who photographed model Myroslava Dronyuk and illustrator Julia Slavinska beautifully created the outfits. I was impressed; it's such a fresh take on fashion editorials
  Continuing with the Christmas windows theme from the last two Notes à la mode posts. Angela Leland of Life, Love & Luxury shared photos of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows this year
  I found such a fun Louis Vuitton video on the Hanneli blog that almost makes me want to skip winter and head straight to spring. It features Hanneli Mustaparta, Mira Duma and Elin Kling and plenty of LV mini bags that will be out in January. I love the song too. Think pink and Paris!

photo credit:
1-4: ELLA Winter 2012 ad campaign - photos from the ELLA website and their Facebook page / 5: Andrew Ivaskiv for Ink Fabric | illustrator Julia Slavinska via Trendland


  1. oh, and I love love love the hat. I've been looking for one like this for ages. xo

  2. Absolutely love the campaign photos!!! I wish I had a coat like this, too and also was able to pull the bare-leg-sandals-coat look.
    The Dolce&Gabbana photo is gorgeous - such an interesting mix of illustration and photography.
    Off to check the LV video (I only saw a couple of pictures so far)

    Have a great day, Lisa!

  3. What a beautiful campaign! The coat is gorgeous, I've been looking for a coat like that one to add to my wardrobe. :) And the hat goes beautifully with it.
    I would like to see more illustrated editorials.

  4. I can't believe it, I just found my fringing all the way dress in that Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows, the white one, OMG, the 20s! Lovely illustration, this is truly new and you had a good reason to change your mind about the links, Lisa! :*

  5. i love the coat and the hat. i know things can't buy you happiness but i can't imagine feeling pretty divine in both of those things.

  6. Thanks for the mention cous' :) I knew right away that those illustrations would be something worth mentioning to you! Love the new ELLA campaign by the way... just wish I had more use for coats here in California ;)

  7. Lisa, every single one of your links is amazing. I must've spent close to an hour on the Home & Delicious magazine--wow! Loved it! I am dying to check out the LV video, I keep seeing it and need to take a moment and watch it.

    xo Mary Jo


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