Saturday, 8 December 2012

brighter shade than pale 05 - Christmas

It is a beautiful winter day in Luxembourg with the ground covered in snow and the sun shining. To me this is the perfect December weather. Later today I'm going into the city centre and before heading back home I'm going to grab me some sushi for dinner and I think I'll stop by in Ladurée to buy us some macarons for dessert. We are also making hot chocolate for dessert, which A (yay, he's home!) and I will enjoy with Baileys and whipped cream. If you haven't tried pouring a touch of Baileys into your hot chocolate then I cannot even begin to describe what you're missing.

Let me remind you that today is the last day to enter the Besotted Brand giveaway. You could win a set of beautifully hand-printed 'thank you' cards. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend dear readers and blog friends!

photo credit:
1: Karina Ljungdahl for Sköna Hem / 2: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living / 3 & 6: Sarah Ryhanen photography / 4: Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City, Canada: photographer unknown / 5: Kenzo Autumn 2012 via


  1. What a lovely - green - natural - winter - advent -mix!!!

    ♥ Franka

  2. How wonderful that you have snow! I have that gorgeous photo with the street covered in snow in my files for a long time, but I don't know the source either. I think I'm going to have some Baileys too. ;) Enjoy your evening!

  3. great colours. have a wonderful weekend xo

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love Baileys and just made a vegan version today - so delicious! Happy weekend! xxoo

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Æðislegar myndir :) Ég sá fjórðu myndina og þekkti strax staðinn. Ég var í Québec í sumar og Québec-borg er ótrúlega sjarmerandi.

    Ásdís Gúrmandís

    1. Hef aldrei komið í þennan hluta Kanada og viðurkenni að mig dauðlangar að rölta í gegnum þessa fallegu götu ... helst á þessum árstíma.

  7. Hi Lisa! So happy for you that A is home. My D is home also after a week in Antwerp again. This beautifully collected post really gets me in the holiday mood. I love the subtle touches of soft orange. I wouldn't have thought of that for Christmas but it's just right. And your hint on the Baileys is a good one! This is the one time of year I indulge in holiday cheer in the form of single malt scotch. Don't tell the purists but I sometimes put it in my eggnog. Heaven!

    Wishing you a cozy and beautiful week!


  8. It's beautiful pictures like this that make me wish I lived in the northern hemisphere xx

  9. Baileys and Hot Chocolate sounds decadent and I can't tell you how jealous I am that you have a Laduree to pop into just like that! December sounds beautiful where you are. I was just thinking of you as I saw a book on goodreads that's set in Luxembourg City (but it got bad reviews sadly). I will have an email to you soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Bailey in the hot chocolate? Have to try it immediately, dear Lisa! I so much love the colors of this post, beautiful orange and butterfly Christmas tree decoration! And that orange (even if orange is not in my bold favorite colors list, imagine that!) winter street is so beautiful :*


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