Friday, 7 December 2012

charming spaces: christmas on the veranda

I was about to create a post with a different photo when it started snowing quite heavily, the ground turned completely white, and I was reminded of this one in my files. To me this is the ideal Danish Christmas scene: sitting outdoors by fire and enjoying mulled wine or any other warm drink. The house is in Klampenborg, a small and beautiful area north of Copenhagen.

The children and I have been waiting for and looking forward to this day. Today is when A finally finishes his workshop in Switzerland and will be back home tonight. He'll miss the Friday pizza but nothing is stopping us from making pizza again tomorrow. Have you got any plans this weekend? I haven't made any but I'd love to go to a Christmas market and just really breathe in the holiday spirit. There will definitely be some baking and I think it's time to watch a Christmas film like Love Actually (2003) or some other.

As I mentioned mulled wine earlier, it is also time to make my favourite non-alcoholic mulled wine recipe so the children can enjoy it too. How I love December!

photo credit:
Kira Brandt for Sköna Hem


  1. it looks beautiful, but I'd probably freeze to death within a few minutes. I just don't do cold well ;) happy weekend. enjoy the family time!!!


  2. It's charming and a perfect winter scene. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a beautiful thing to do over the Christmas period. I so want to have the experience of a Northern white Christmas one day Lisa. Keep spreading the inspiration please! :)

  4. Gorgeous photo! I hope we'll get some snow at Christmas too. For some reason I fancy taking dog for a walk in the woods and then sitting in a car with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. :)
    You are right, it's definitely time to watch Love Actually and The Holiday and a few other Christmas movies. Have you seen The Polar Express? It's such a sweet one and I am sure your kids will love it too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa!

  5. that photo is exquisit! that does look like the perfect holiday scene. i wish i could tele-transport myself there right now. have a fabulous weekend xo

  6. Love that photo! I will be baking, decorating, watching Christmas movies (Love Actually is a fave of mine) and listening to Christmas music. However there is no snow to be had here in LA. Happy weekend to you! xxoo

  7. Brrrr that looks freeeeezing! It does look totally gorgeous though, and after my fingers and toes come to life again (once I've had something to drink)., I'm sure I'd be dazzled by all that snow! I've always wanted a snowy christmas...ah, one day. Today it's 37degrees, very hot wind, and stuffy... so that means staying indoors somewhere cool and enjoying long cold drinks! Right now, I'm slightly envious of your snow...:) Have a great weekend Lisa x


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