Saturday, 15 December 2012

cookie recipe & outdoor holiday decor

These are the bad boys I made on Thursday, almond oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (long name, I know!) and promised to share today. I made them again yesterday just to be sure that our taste buds hadn't been fooling us, and we were just as happy and greedy when we had them the second time. I have posted the recipe on kitchen & aroma, just follow the link above. (In the second cookie photo below you see how they look before going into the oven.)

I think it is ideal to add some outdoor holiday decor to this post. I have read about people decorating with ice in all kinds of shapes but these ice hearts, which I found on the Lexington Company website, are the prettiest ones I have seen so far. Making them is also easy and here is how:
You need a heart shaped pan (of course you can use another shape) and you fill it with water almost to the brim. Let it freeze outside or in your freezer. When your ice hearts have frozen solid, keep them in room temperature until they can be removed from the pan. To make a hole for the thread you place each heart under a fine stream of hot water.

I like the idea of using a cinnamon stick with the thread as in the photo below. Unfortunately there is no frost in my part of the world right now so I cannot do this to make my garden nicer, but I would really love to.

What I can do is placing outdoor tealights next to the bushes in the passage, as in the photo above. It would give it such a beautiful and festive look. First I would simply have to find candlesticks like that. I could also use lanterns. In Ikea I can get lanterns in two or three sizes and they are not expensive at all. Let's see if I'm in the mood to drive to Belgium before Christmas; Ikea is just by the borders.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
1 & 3: Lisa Hjalt / 2: Lexington Company / 4: David Brittain for House to Home


  1. HA i bought the same cards from Hema :) Thanks again for introducing me to this store!
    I hope all is well for you and that you're staying away from the rain today :)

    1. great minds think (and buy) alike ;-)

  2. beautiful. I like the ice hearts. but it's not cold enough any more...

  3. Beautiful styling in that first photo, Lisa! :) The heart shaped decorations and those garden tealights, both wonderful ideas! I can't wait to make the recipe when I'll no longer have cocoa/chocolate restrictions. Have a lovely evening!

  4. These look and sound delicious Lisa! I love your photography of the cookies too! xx


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