Tuesday 4 December 2012

decorated home in denmark

Now that we have entered the month of December I think it's safe to start sharing on the blog some of the photos that I keep in my Christmas folder (I have been pinning just a little to get into the mood). This Danish house is called Rosmosegaard and is located in the north part of the island Zealand (the Copenhagen area is in the south part). I find it beautifully decorated; in line with my minimalist holiday decor approach. I love that black door with the wreath; it makes me want a black door of my own. Apart from the holiday decor, the house has some great features.

When we woke up yesterday the ground was covered with snow. It was beautiful and it kept on snowing. I had to run some errands and realised on my way into the city that I had forgotten to take my camera with me. There is a Christmas market in the city centre and of course everything has been decorated. Maybe it was for the best that I forgot the camera this time because the day turned a little grey and everything became somehow dull looking. It was a bit cold, the cobblestone streets were slippery and, honestly, I was quite satisfied to get back home ... after enjoying a latte and cheese cake, of course.

Enjoy your day!

photo credit:
Kristian Septimius Krogh for Bo Bedre (last photo cropped by me)


  1. I'm ready for the first snow. :) The wreath decorates so beautifully the black entrance door. So elegant.

  2. This is my dream home!!!!! Classic and elegant, yet simple and a bit rustic in my opinion!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Love, Eliana

  3. Simply....WOW...I LOVE this beautiful home, so elegant, so tasteful...a dream.
    Have a good day, Lisa.

  4. Wonderful images of a beautiful home - I especially love the wreath and the Christmas tree is the perfect shape - not always east to find!

  5. You know, just last night I was talking to my friend about how much I adore rustic/Chinese or Indian antique furniture, minimalism and Zen and here you are posting all these GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous inspirations!

    Have a beautiful day, Lisa!

  6. That wreath against that black door? Just divine! :) x

  7. what a wonderfully decorated home. and snow! we always get snow (when we get snow i should say) in january or february, when i am ready for spring! i wish we would get it in the month of december.

  8. These images are so beautiful! I just love them; they remind me so much of my childhood when we used to go back to Copenhagen to see family at Christmas time. That tree!! The snow! Ohhh I want that house! Lou x

  9. I like and prefer a minimalist approach to Christmas, decoration and all. The house is gorgeous Love that table!

  10. You have made my day; I love, love these images! The painters have been prepping my front door to paint BLACK this weekend, this post definitely affirms my decision!!

    Have fun enjoying this wonderful season :)

  11. A beautiful home, I do have a black front door and love it:)
    How I wish we had snow, we have very hot humid weather in Sydney and it is not very inspiring for the festive season.
    Enjoy your holiday preparations!
    Wendy x

  12. How beautiful... love that simple lush xmas wreath on a dark glossy front door! :)

  13. Oh, I adore this minimalist Christmas decor. So natural. I go crazy for the crowns. All of these are beautiful but I like specially the one of the kitchen made of musk. The idea of hanging them with a black bown is very elegant. The tree is amazing...well, ALL this home is amazing.
    Yesterday I woke up and everything was got white too for the first time here this season.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa


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