Wednesday 12 December 2012

decorating with evergreens & cinnamon sticks

I am skipping this week's 'Notes à la mode' post, as I haven't had enough time to collect material for it. I have plenty of photos in my folders but I don't want to post just anything in a hurry. Instead I'm going for what's on my mind: inspirational holiday decor.

These days I'm all for decorating with evergreens and cinnamon sticks. I still haven't decided how to decorate my table this year but I love the idea of keeping it natural and a bit raw looking. Maybe I will go for a Scandinavian theme this year, that is, if I find the right items to create it.

Have you decided how to decorate your table or do you not think so much about it?

Thank you for the birthday wishes for my daughter yesterday. We had a wonderful time but I have to admit that after all the work in the kitchen - I was basically in the kitchen all day - I was rather tired. Let's say I was tired in a good way, as everyone had fun and liked the treats. Today I'm going to allow myself to be a little lazy; I think I have earned it.

photo credit:
1-2: Better Homes and Gardens / 3: Penny Paper Co. via Belén Timmins/Pinterest / 4-5: Sandra of Vintage House via My Paradissi/Pinterest


  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Sorry I missed it yesterday.
    Love your idea of the all natural decorations. I often use napkin rings similar to the one on the second photo, but the rest is still pretty traditional, but not too over the top. :)

  2. Late happy birthday for your daughter, Lisa! I tried the Bailey and hot chocolate last evening, very good idea, thanks ;). I was thinking about cinnamon sticks on the Christmas wreath I want to make, but for the table, I really have no idea this year...but no purple this year. Have a lovely lazy day ;)

  3. Wow, such a novel idea with the cinnamon sticks and the evergreen. Hadn't thought of that!

    Trisha Xx

  4. Guess what decoration I have on my desk: a glass bowl packed with pine cones and cinnamon sticks tied with a thin rope. :) Gorgeous inspiration!

  5. Last year I went out and bought a whole lot of fancy table decorations that I left in a drawer next to the oven and unsurprisingly, they haven’t survived! Thanks for posting this because you have given me a simple and pretty idea for this year (and I happen to have some cinnamon sticks and evergreens lying around)! Happy belated birthday to your daughter yesterday, it sounds like she had a wonderful day!

  6. These look stunning, Lisa...I think I will do this too ;-)
    Have a lovely week.

  7. I think natural decorations are quite favored this year by most people, I like the cinnamon sticks idea!

  8. I love the natural look too Lisa. That napkin with the cinnamon, sprig and twine is just beautiful x


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